Our story

35 years ago Khalid Aziz started our business providing communication skills training and development to executives and senior leaders. Today, Khalid is still an active member of our team, and we have evolved with a broader offering to support global senior leaders and their teams via executive coaching, team coaching and mentoring.


Working mostly with FTSE 250 organisations, who operate in complex, multinational, cross-cultural and fast paced environments, it is usually ExCo and C-Suite leaders who approach us for support. We are proud of the clients we support and how their strategic leadership, vision and direction have allowed their companies to grow, particularly amid uncertain landscapes.

Most of our clients stay with us for many years relying on us to provide their senior executives with coaching that is challenging, insightful and honest but mostly pragmatic and transformational.

We have a small, experienced office team and a wide network of partnerships. The office team are always keen to chat to our clients, whether existing or new. They love hearing your news and thrive on the buzz in the office when we need to respond quickly to a new brief or situation.

Executive coaching and mentoring partnerships

We are always evolving, driven by the needs of our clients in rapidly changing markets but what remains constant is our selection of the best executive, team and specialist coaches and mentors, along with our expertise in finding the right solution and right fit coach or mentor for each and every assignment, whatever the challenge.