Our story

35 years ago Khalid Aziz started our business providing communication skills training and development to executives and senior leaders. Today, Khalid is still an active member of our team, and we have evolved with a broader offering to support global senior leaders and their teams via executive coaching, team coaching and mentoring.

Our Values

Our values are straightforward but powerful and heartfelt.

Excellence and Individuality

We don’t offer a one size fits all service because we believe each individual will need a coaching approach tailored to their circumstances and with specific expertise and experience. Our best-in-class coaches and mentors are handpicked by us to meet your unique requirements and most have a senior corporate background and or specialist expertise across a range of industries and disciplines.

We recognise coaching represents a significant commitment of time and cost and it’s important to us that we provide excellent value for both the individual and the organisation.

Honesty and Integrity

We believe in “doing the right thing”. We take the time to listen and really understand what’s required, asking challenging questions to identify the right approach.  Then we speak individually to our coaches to get the best blend of experience, style, expertise and personality.

If we don’t think we can help, or if we don’t think it’s the right time, we’ll tell you and we’ll put our hands up straight away if something’s not working.

Reliability and Respect

We recognise and are mindful of the demands on your time. We respect your expertise and believe in providing honest, valuable and impartial advice. We’ll never let you down, we’ll move heaven and earth to find the right solution and we’ll always keep you up to date with all programmes and insights. You’ll find us proactive but not pushy, personal in our approach and always professional.


Working mostly with FTSE 250 organisations, who operate in complex, multinational, cross-cultural and fast paced environments, it is usually ExCo and C-Suite leaders who approach us for support. Most of our clients stay with us for many years relying on us to provide their senior executives with coaching that is challenging, insightful and honest but mostly pragmatic and transformational.