Our other key areas

Strategic Vision

Having a clear vision and direction are critical to building a high performing business. Effective top teams challenge conventional thinking and articulate a clear, long-term vision that others are inspired and excited by. Our coaches work alongside your senior leaders to create this clarity and support them to adapt their plans when faced with rapid changes in the market so they are comfortable with ambiguity and risk.


Successful senior leaders think beyond their function, business unit and division to generate integrated solutions. They share knowledge with colleagues, actively pursuing a joined up approach to business opportunities. When faced with competing demands or conflicting points of view they find shared ground and are quick to act on behaviour that is not collaborative. Our coaches work with your top team to promote team cohesion and build relationships to drive collaboration across boundaries and foster a sense of shared purpose and collective responsibility.

Stakeholder Engagement

Visionary leaders are tapping into the trend towards collaboration, whether that is cross-sector or amongst their leadership team or investors. Stakeholder cooperation improves business performance and clear stakeholder dialogues lead to successful shared value creation. Our coaches work alongside your top team to create and manage a stakeholder engagement strategy that adopts a sophisticated approach from brand and reputation management to negotiating with impact and influence, especially to senior stakeholders.

Transformational Change

Our specialist coaches work alongside your top team to increase an overall awareness of the changes required to create greater success. They specialise in coaching and developing top teams in large organisations facing rapid change, complexity and ambiguity. Typically they focus on driving transformational leadership to introduce cultural change from the top as well as helping senior leaders within top teams to adjust to career moves and strengthen their ability to influence with impact.

Conflict Resolution

Top teams are exposed to more pressure and complex situations; they inevitably have to deal with conflict within team relationships. Being able to resolve conflict whilst maintaining diversity is essential for any high performing team. Our specialist coaches work with your senior leadership team to identify what the conflict triggers are and provide the tools to resolve conflict and tension, ideally before they start.

Leadership Capability

Transitioning into a top team role requires executives who’ve been specialists to quickly turn into generalists who know enough about all functions. Not only do they need strong commercial and financial acumen but they must adopt a strategic mind-set, letting go of the details and empowering others to act by building a spirit of trust, sharing of information and collaboration.  Our coaches have had successful corporate careers themselves – they can identify with the relevant leadership capabilities necessary to ensure you function as a high performing team.

Be Future Prepared

Our coaches work with senior teams through large scale business and cultural change programmes including major system implementations, cost reduction and business transformation programmes. They often facilitate a viral change process helping your top team to enhance its performance as a leadership team in a challenging and rapidly changing digital environment following a significant reorganisation. Enhancing their self-awareness, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, relational and leadership skills and their ability to hold constructive conversations enables top teams to become more innovative, creative and future-prepared.

Embrace VUCA

VUCA is a useful thinking model about the systems and cultures that many top teams find themselves operating in. They are indeed more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The present VUCA environments require a development focus less on traditional leadership behavioural capabilities, to one focused more on developing more complex ‘thinking’ abilities and adaptive competencies. Our specialist coaches work alongside your senior leadership team to boost their agility, increase their self-awareness and comfort with ambiguity and develop a strategic mind set.

Cross Cultural Dynamics

The ability to communicate, motivate and lead across cultural boundaries is paramount in today’s global marketplace.  Exceptional interpersonal communication, curiosity and developed empathy, a readiness to adapt and a finely tuned ability to find “common ground” are the foundations for successful international leadership.  Our specialist coaches work with your top team to develop a strategic and sensitive approach to dealing with cross-cultural issues.