Our other key areas

Emotional Resilience

Coping with the increasing demands of a senior role can become an issue. Our expert coaches will work alongside you to support you to manage pressure, enhance resilience and wellbeing. You will be able to identify and challenge unhelpful beliefs, distance yourself from self-criticism and control your attitude and response.

Imposter Syndrome

Many leaders at some point in their career have experienced the crippling impact of feeling that their successes are undeserved. In almost all cases, you are actually responsible for your success – landing a high-profile project or achieving a promotion, however your irrational thoughts can have a negative effect on your motivation and confidence levels. Our coaches work with you to develop your authentic leadership brand so you regain confidence and recognise your credibility within your team.

Rapid Impact

When new to role stakeholders often want to see immediate results. Your first few months are critical to making a good impression, asserting your credibility and making some early wins.  Our coaches are supportive, challenging, enabling and pragmatic. They will work alongside you to help you prioritise your First 90 Day plan and enable you to ‘land with impact’, navigate the corridors and deliver some strategic wins that will place you firmly in the spotlight for the right reasons.


Stepping up into a new role puts you in the spotlight. Our coaches support you to take charge of a new situation, achieve early credibility and cope with the pressures of intense change. They provide a sounding board for you to review your current environment and culture, assess the situation from your key stakeholders’ perspective, devise a First 90 Day plan and much more.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement and management is essential for any successful leader. It is a key part of corporate social responsibility and achieving the triple bottom line. Our coaches work with you to identify the needs and expectations of your most important stakeholders to ensure you collaborate with them and influence them effectively to achieve your goals.

Influence and Impact

Polishing your ability to influence raises the perception of your leadership brand and strengthens people, process and performance outcomes. In modern matrix-style structures, you can no longer rely on positional power to achieve your outcomes. Our coaches motivate leaders to communicate with authority and authenticity and use practical tools that drive ‘buy-in’ to achieve your results.

Return to Work

Whether returning from an extended break or becoming a new parent, our specialist coaches work with you before, during and after your leave from work. They can also prepare your line manager to support your return and manage expectations. Working with you to re-define your priorities and achieve your professional goals ensures a smooth transition back into the work place for you and your organisation.

Career Crossroads

Our specialist career coaches have come from their own successful corporate careers. They know what it takes for you to make your next move. Whether they identify appropriate roles and help you position yourself, prepare for interview or help you secure a NED role, their aim is to enable you to achieve your full potential.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership roles require an element of becoming more ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’ and dealing with greater levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Our coaches work alongside you to develop a strong stance from which you can better influence others and more fully own and inhabit your leadership role. They also support your shift from technical expert to take a more generalist view, where knowledge is less important than building key relationships.

Leadership Style

Creating a leadership style that aligns with your personal values is key to becoming a successful leader. Our coaches can help you become a stronger leader, a more powerful agent of change, build your resilience and toughness or how effectively you respond in the face of challenges. Whatever your objectives, defining an authentic leadership style not only helps you raise your performance, it also helps you become noticed and can advance your career.

Handling Conflict

We face various forms of conflict, from a conflict of facts, interest, resources and procedure to a conflict of behaviour. Achieving mutual clarity, understanding and trust creates engagement and willingness and allows for progress. Our coaches support you during times of conflict by providing practical tips and advice to help you effectively respond to all types of conflict in the future.

Transformational Change

Many senior leaders are challenged to lead significant organisational change, often across multiple locations or globally, in response to, or in anticipation of, major changes in their environment or technology.  Our coaches offer helpful resources and to inquire, encourage, support and challenge you to do what it takes to make the lasting and positive changes that you and your organisation want.

Emotional Intelligence

90% of top performing senior leaders are also high in emotional intelligence. Recognising your own emotions and those of others allows you to increase your self-awareness to manage your behaviour and accurately pick up on the emotions of your team. Our coaches work alongside you using strategies to increase your emotional intelligence to help your emotionally intelligent behaviours become habits.