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A good story told well can cross all kinds of barriers, including cultural ones. They are a great resource for any business leader and for pitches. Our specialist coaches help you create, shape and relate excellent client stories. They cover the structure and mechanics of storytelling and show you how to connect the right story to the right client.

Presentation Skills

Whether in a large auditorium with autocue or around a Board table, leaders need to be able to engage, inspire and influence their audience. You’ll be able to structure your message and deliver it with impact to a range of stakeholders including clients, potential investors, shareholders and colleagues.

Public Speaking

Delivering a speech in front of a potentially hostile audience can be a daunting task for anyone. Our coaches will enable you to deliver positive, impassioned, audience focused messages, and to handle difficult responses within a public speaking arena. Using a range of communication techniques and styles, your personal delivery will be akin to that of a professional speaker.

Challenging Conversations

Some conversations take significant courage on both sides. These could be conversations about a myriad of issues from performance, difficult behaviours and peer working problems to handling a complaint or an annoying personal habit. Our specialist coaches provide you with the techniques and confidence to have these types of conversations so you can improve the situation for you, the individual, your team and your business.

Handling the Media

Having the skills to handle the media not only protects your reputation but boosts your credibility. Our media coaches work with large multinationals and government bodies around the world; they can show you how to get your message across, escape from a difficult corner and understand what makes journalists tick. Whether you’re expecting to be interviewed on radio or television, you will have the confidence needed to gain the maximum impact from any media opportunity.


Leaders must be able to influence within a network of key stakeholders, both within the business and with business alliances. Our specialist coaches will empower you to influence upwards and adjust the way you communicate with different audiences. Once you have developed your tool kit for effective influencing, you’ll be more credible and compelling in the way you communicate and gain greater buy-in to your projects, bids and proposals.

Personal Impact and Presence

Strengthening your personal leadership brand to become more authentic and impactful involves understanding how others see and value you. Our coaches help you position yourself by choosing your style of delivery and focus to convey a high status vocal, visual and verbal delivery whether on stage or around a Board room table. You’ll develop gravitas and be seen and remembered for the right reasons.

Written Communication

Whether you write reports and executive summaries, sales bids and proposals or customer-centred letters or emails, creating compelling and well-structured documents is a critical skill for any leader. When your writing is strong, it garners respect; people listen to what you have to say. Our coaches help you to structure your message effectively, choose the right style and tone to suit the reader, write clear and concise copy and proof read with accuracy.

Stage performance

The dynamics and subtleties of the performance-audience relationship are best observed through the practical performance skills used by actors and singers. Our specialist coaches provide tips and advice on your use of posture, body language, eye contact, breathing, voice and the way you inhibit the space. These can make a huge difference to the impact you have when presenting to an audience.

Vocal Techniques

Breathing, mouth movement (articulation) and clarity (enunciation) are hugely important components of a good presentation, as is the use of your dynamic range, pauses and eye contact. Many of our clients are surprised how much difference spending time with our specialist vocal coaches makes to their overall delivery and frequently return for rehearsals.

Personal Styling

First impressions are lasting judgements. Create a powerful, memorable and successful image that will visually demonstrate your high profile, experience and potential in your chosen sector. Our coaches raise your confidence and profile by working with you to sharpen your image without taking away your own personal tastes and preferences. You will be able to hone your image for your audience on a daily basis and across the different cultures you may work in.