Leadership Challenges

Typically ExCo and C-Suite leaders come to us at three different stages in their career, when they are:

  • at the peak of their career, maybe in a CEO or C-suite role looking for some coaching support to be the best that they can and leave a leadership legacy behind
  • looking for some coaching support to make that step up and transition into that next more senior role
  • at a career crossroad, asking themselves the critical question ‘what next’?


Selina has a great understanding of our needs as she asks the right questions and really listens. As a result, we have experienced very effective solutions from the AZIZ team with some good impact and results.”

What makes us unique?

Our clients tell us they value working with us for two main reasons:

  • for understanding their specific leadership challenges and identifying the best approach – by listening and delving deeply to really understand the needs that sit behind the request for support, and the context within which these needs sit, allows us to recommend coaches and mentors based on their ability to help you overcome your specific challenges; never the same coach/mentor/solution for all. Our skill is matching a particular coach or mentor to your specific needs
  • for the credibility and reputation of our experts –

a. highly experienced specialist coaches (including resilience, life transitions, career coaching, ethical leadership, influence, communications and many more)

b. executive coaches with senior corporate backgrounds; some have ‘sat at the top table’ themselves prior to becoming a coach and offer you coach/consultant/mentor expertise

c. executive mentors who have been captains of industry and functional experts who have led large global teams and sat at the top table of multinational complex organisations; they now make time in their portfolio careers to share their knowledge and expertise

Executive coaches vs executive mentors

Executive coaches help by focusing their expertise on changing leadership behaviours eg having more impact, being more resilient, stepping up leadership skills, being more strategic. Executive mentors share their wisdom, experience and insight via personalised mentoring programmes that are straight forward and flexible. They offer executives a successful role model, a sounding board and a source of much greater experience including functional expertise.

Our clients

Predominantly FTSE 250 businesses work with us; we work with about a third of the FTSE 100. We also support regulatory bodies, third sector, public sector institutions, and young rapidly growing high-tech start-ups. Do ask if you would like to talk to one of our clients about what it is like to work with us.

For a non-salesy, no obligation conversation to find out whether we're the right solution for you and your organisation, give us a call.

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