Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is about enhancing a team’s capability and performance. High performing teams are those in which all the relationships within the team work well, and where all members of the team have a clear focus, understand their goals, and the needs of the business. It facilitates powerful choices and affirmative action.

It can have various themes:

  • Self-awareness – individuals in a team need to have a strong sense of self. They need to be able to see themselves as others see them and have a good handle on individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Support and trust – when a team comes together there needs to be strong support and trust in the group.
  • Clear strategy – A team needs to have a clear focus on the future whilst running the organisation day-to-day. We would expect a top team to have a common and agreed vision of the future and the drive to achieve results.

Our support is bespoke based on the needs of the individuals and collective group and may involve a blend of group and individual coaching such as:

  • A session with the Exec to understand the team perspective
  • 1:1 sessions with each member of the Exec to understand their individual perspective and experience
  • Group Coaching to raise collective awareness and develop insight in team dynamics, structure and culture

Leadership Development and Facilitation

Our programmes are designed to equip leaders and future leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel in their current roles and step up into bigger roles.

Our programmes are bespoke – stand-alone modules or programmes that integrate into wider development initiatives such as projects, team challenges and coaching.

Initial understanding of the needs of the group can be gathered through diagnostics such as psychometric assessments or through our own proprietary toolkit. Programmes range from ‘getting the basics right’ to more advanced programmes focusing on leadership excellence.

Themes vary but often include:

  • Developing leader as coach
  • Managing emotions through EI
  • Creating an inclusive culture
  • Executive Presence
  • Leading Change
  • Trust and psychological safety
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Leading with Impact
  • Customer Focus
  • Leading Virtual teams
  • Resilience
  • Building an engagement culture
  • Influencing and Stakeholder engagement
  • Living the Values
  • Leading under Pressure
  • Collaboration

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