Specialist Coaching

‘Best in class’

To become a subject matter expert takes years of research and experience and requires on-going professional development. ‘Best in class’, many of our specialist coaches are keynote speakers in their chosen fields, authors of multiple books, delivered TED Talks and are sought out by the media for their insights and expert views.

Specialist coaches

Specialist coaches complement our team of executive coaches. They often work alongside an executive coach when the client wants specific support in, for example, presenting to the media or diversity and inclusion. Or they may work directly with a specialist coach without the need for executive coaching. This is often because the development need or challenge is very specific. Examples of coaching specialisms are listed below.

Career coaching

Career coaching can be extremely beneficial for senior leaders when they find themselves at a ‘career crossroads’, a time in their career when the answers to ‘should I stay?’, ‘should I go?’ and ‘what will I do?’ prove elusive. Many of our clients have found themselves catapulted into very senior roles with a fast succession of unplanned promotions. At some point they discover that the ambitions others have had for them no longer match the person they have become. They have lost sight of their own strengths, interests, values and motivations. A career coach can help you find the answers and develop the road map to future success and happiness.

Emotional resilience

Leaders need the skills to manage and recover from tough times in a way that does not adversely affect their emotional state. Emotional resilience coaching helps to:

  • understand and maintain level headedness in times of high pressure
  • identify your triggers and how to manage them
  • reflect on the best ways to look after yourself and others
  • provide the skills to build your resilience and respond flexibly to challenges

Return to work coaching

Whether coming back from a sabbatical, becoming a parent or taking time to look after a family member, returning to work after a long break is challenging for most people. It can also be career changing and not always for the better. Our return to work coaching programmes support leaders as they ask ‘what next? working with them to re-define their priorities and achieve their professional goals. they typically prepare the leader and their line manager for a smooth transition back into the workplace.


For many leaders, it can be easy to get into a pattern of long days, non-stop activity, fads and quick fixes. Sophrology is a body-mind practice which uses relaxation, simple movements, breathing and positive mental images to find a state of balance and ‘quiet’ in daily life. It enables you to take ‘time out’ to recharge. Those who practise it regularly point to the following practical benefits:

  • feeling more positive, capable and self-confident
  • better quality of sleep and more energy
  • being better able to deal with stress, so feeling less anxious and able to be more creative
  • ability to create a sense of inner calm anywhere anytime

Ethical leadership

Values-based leadership can transform individuals and organisations and drive cultural change that demonstrates measurable benefits to the business. Ethical leadership coaching enables organisations to provide an inclusive culture, without fear of discrimination or bias, whether conscious or unconsious. We support senior leaders with their ethical decision making to achieve a triple bottom line balance between people, planet and profit. This can solve:

  • aligning business aims with ethical practice
  • building and restoring organisational trust
  • establishing a framework for sound ethical governance
  • enabling ethical decision making at all levels

Influencing and impact coaching

Specialist coaching can help you strengthen your impact and presence and promote clarity and confidence on your intent and branding as a leader. Specialist coaching can help with:

  • strengthening impact: increasing your gravitas/presence in situations that matter
  • influencing others: understanding how to get others to support your goals
  • influencing self: building your brand and reputation as a leader

Presentation and communication skills

Specialist coaching helps senior leaders to:

  • deliver messages with more clarity, impact and confidence
  • develop executive presence and gravitas
  • influence stakeholders more effectively
  • persuade and win pitches
  • master business writing
  • handle difficult conversations to reach positive and respectful outcomes




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