Winning Pitches, better presentation skills

Winning Pitches

Competitive pitching is an everyday part of modern business life. The bigger the business you are pursuing, the more likely it is you and your team are going to have to pitch.  If the work is in the public sector, you are going to have to spend time and energy on a tender document.

Most organisations have well developed protocols for producing such documents. Sadly this invariably is not matched by a pitch team’s ability to “sing for their supper”.

Aziz will get you Winning Pitches:

We are skilled at advising at all stages of the pitch process: putting together the pitch team, individual coaching, rehearsing, advising on chairmanship skills, handling questions and answers and panel interviews.

We will help you scope the content ensuring you include only the key elements with a clear “storyline”. We will help with techniques for persuading and influencing and how to come across as competent, believable and trusted business partners.

Inevitably individual skill levels within the pitch team will vary.  We can help assess competence levels and coach weaker individuals to bring them up to a level consistent with the team’s overall ability to get the team winning pitches.

Prior rehearsals will embed content and will help you grow in confidence. As we approach the pitch deadline, we focus on rehearsals and building their confidence.

The pitch will need to be led and chaired competently. Chairmanship skills do not come naturally to everyone. We offer bespoke coaching in chairmanship skills aimed at ensuring the whole team shines and will get you winning pitches. Give us a call now on 0845 1844194 for a free no obligation diagnostics call with one of our Pitch Coaches or drop us an email and we can call you back when convenient.

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