Executive Coach - Kazakhstan

With more than 30 years in senior leadership positions, Yerzhan is a trusted executive coach and mentor; his clients span 14 countries. He specialises in leadership, corporate culture, conversational intelligence, career guidance, team development.

Commercial Experience

Yerzhan has more than 30 years of experience in senior leadership roles in corporate businesses, as well as top positions in the public and education sectors. Prior to becoming an executive coach, he worked as a Vice Minister of Economy for the Republic of Kazakhstan; Vice President of KIMEP University, the leading western-style institution in Central Asia and Executive Director of Kazakhstan Petroleum Association, which has united over 60 oil and has companies.


Yerzhan is committed to a solution focused coaching approach. Clients appreciate his expertise, high standards of quality, credibility and integrity. He quickly establishes an atmosphere of trust, allowing the coachee to realise the flow of potential solutions. He coaches both in Russian and in English.

Coaching Experience

Yerzhan has more than 1000 hours coaching experience, working as a coach with senior leaders and teams. His clients are geographically spread representing various cultures and industry sectors including Chevron, Total, BASF, National Bank of the RK, KMF, Capital One Bank, Altyn Bank, Parmigiano Group, AV Construction, Translators Group. Yerzhan speaks Russian and English.


Professional Coach – Erickson Coaching International (ICF accredited programme)

Licensed practitioner of LAB (Language and Behavioral) profiling

Accredited Master Practitioner of NLP

Leadership and Conversational Intelligence Speaker

Honoured Doctor of Management Sciences

Visiting professor at the KIMEP University, Bang School of Business, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Academician at the International Informatisation Academy


” I was deeply impressed by Yerzhan’s coaching style. Skillful techniques and point approach are the key basics in coaching craft and that is where Yerzhan shines! In addition, mix it with a pinch of tactful humor and you get intensive and entertaining learning sessions!” Saule Baitzhaunova, Managing Director, Head of Country Cluster Central Asia, BASF

“Yerzhan is a top-notch Coach and Leader. I had the opportunity to work with him directly on multiple occasions and his knowledge and integrity was always central to his performance.” – Tony Husted, Executive Director of Learning and Development at Shipley Coaching, Seattle, USA