Career Highlights

2008 - Present | Founder

Frank Investments

2001 - Present | Founder

Fredericks Foundation

1997 - 2000 | Founder/Chair


1986 - 2000 | Cofounder


1977 - 1986 | Sales, various leadership roles


Aziz Mentor - UK

A seasoned entrepreneur and award-winning philanthropist. Paul started two hugely successful companies. One, ground breaking in its field, sold for £170m and the second, a cloud computing company, floated in 2000 on the main market. He now advises and invests in young start-ups and highly values mentoring and developing executives.

Specific Expertise

  • business continuity
  • start-ups
  • CSR
  • motivating work force with limited funds
  • IPO
  • management buyout
  • general mentoring
  • financing growth

Career history

Having won a scholarship to Rossall, Paul read Economics at Liverpool University. After leaving IBM he co-founded Safetynet and led the management buy-out of his partner, becoming CEO before selling to Guardian IT.

Having founded Netsore, Paul became CEO in 2001 for 12 months and then again in 2006 whilst remaining Chairman throughout.

In 2001 he founded Fredericks Foundation which helps disadvantaged individuals achieve financial independence through self-employment.

In 2008, exasperated with City institutions charging excessive fees, Paul and a friend established Frank Investment, which charges less than 1% to support managed funds. It has achieved an 8% pa return over the last 10 years.

Current Portfolio

Paul enjoys his role as Chairman of Fredericks Foundation, a microloan charity. To date, they have funded over 1700 UK businesses.

Alongside this, Paul helps, advises and invests in many young start-up businesses and social enterprises; he has investments in 24 start-ups and is involved as Chairman of one.

Paul is a member of 24 H Investment Club, RAC Club, Home House, and Conduit Club.

Personal Interests


current affairs

tennis, cycling, golf

the environment


Key Influencers

  • Bill Gates – he had a vision
  • Oakes told me to start a company before I was too old
  • Mohamed Yunis, Nobel Prize winner for microloans, told me ‘Let your life be the example’

Mentoring Experience

“I really believe mentors can make a big difference. At Fredericks we try to provide one for every business we support.

I mentor a world-leading cardiologist setting up in the commercial world and the new CEO of the Eden Project. I also support 3 ex-employees who set up technology companies. Of these, one just sold, one is new and one is growing at 20% and turning over £25m.”


  • Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion – 2008
  • Beacon Award winner for Creative Giving – 2008
  • CNBC European Philanthropist of the year – 2009