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Nick Fitzherbert is a Consultant with Aziz Corporate advising on presentation skills, communication strategy and creative thinking.


Nick spent 20 years in PR consultancy prior to entering the coaching field, working in sectors including Drinks, Media, Marketing Services, Public Sector, Industry Organisations and Financial Services. He worked for consultancies such as Countrywide and Ludgate, as well as running his own top-100 firm SFB for seven years.
Clients in the coaching field have ranged from companies such as Aviva, Halifax, Nikon and Conde Nast, to leading PR and marketing agencies, to CPD bodies and industry organisations.

Style / Approach

Known for combining energy and passion with attention to the fine details that he believes make crucial differences, Nick also has a reputation for giving tough advice in a way that motivates. This, together with sense of fun and even entertainment that he brings to his coaching, makes him popular with both participants and their managers.
Nick’s coaching is based on robust theory drawn from research and extensive experience. His thirst for fresh knowledge ensures that this brought to life and made memorable by an ever growing bank of examples drawn from a diverse variety of real life examples.

Specialist Areas

Nick focuses on traditional formal presentation skills and creative thinking but also specialises in combining presentation skills training with the Rules of Magic – psychological principles for directing attention, persuading and convincing that come instinctively to the best magicians and prove equally effective in business communication. Nick’s interest in magic developed mid-way through his PR career.
By matching his marketing experience with research of The Magic Circle’s archives and additional knowledge gained through access to some of the world’s finest magicians, Nick identified the Rules of Magic, which are mostly simple and intuitive, but highly effective in bringing life to the theory of effective communication.
Nick’s creative thinking programme is all about generating great business ideas, analysing and evaluating the ideas, then sales and persuasion techniques to ensure they become a reality. The programme, which shows how anyone can be a creative thinker, features brainstorming techniques at three progressive levels and fresh approaches to both lateral thinking and ‘six hats’ analysis. Inspiration is drawn from music, magic and movies all.

Qualifications / Accreditations

Nick is an active member of both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and The Magic Circle. For the CIPR he is an Approved Trainer and Awards Judge. He is an Approved Trainer for the Public Relations Consultants Association and a judge of PR industry awards; he is also on the committee creating the new government-backed PR apprenticeship scheme.
He lectures at the University of Westminster and for the CPD Foundation, CIPR and Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.
Media appearances include BBC2’s Working Lunch, Radio 2’s Chris Evans Drive time Show, Management Today, The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Business Life. He has spoken at conferences including Communicators in Business and Communication Directors Forum.
Nick is also the author of “Presentation Magic” which was published internationally by Marshall Cavendish in 2011.

Examples of Work

When coaching groups, Nick’s clients are typically marketing and sales teams or marketing agency personnel. Nick is also a popular option for away days, where he can combine learning with entertaining team-building interaction.
Nick is increasingly being called upon for one–to-one coaching. Recent examples include: Coaching the HR head of a major financial services company on the announcement of structural changes; preparing a small team to face an awards panel; coaching a hedge fund manager in acting as a panelist; helping an FD face frustrated shareholders.


“Feel I can take this and really improve my presentation and the way I communicate at work with colleagues and clients”
“Doing the magic trick was particularly effective at reinforcing the importance of good communication to the overall effect”
“…very helpful for giving structure to brainstorming sessions. Feel that I can now approach it productively”
“…gave me an excellent head start on the principles of brainstorming…”
“Very interesting, colourful, fun and entertaining way to train. Thoroughly enjoyable”
“…many people said mine (the presentation you helped me prepare) was the best over three days; and all the others fell into all those traps you warned me about!”
“It’s as though you have removed cataracts from the team’s eyes; they are viewing their presentations in a completely different, much more effective way.”


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• Creative Thinking
• Revitaliser

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