Presentations Specialist – UK

With over 25 years’ experience of delivering presentation skills to international clients, Michael is in high demand for his knowledge of both his face-to-face and on-line/virtual presenting techniques.


Michael specialises in presentation skills, public speaking, handling media interviews, presenting to camera and webinars. He creates and delivers highly participative workshops using experiential learning techniques and this has led him to successfully work with staff of all levels and disciplines within almost every industry. Clients comment that his preparation and execution is outstanding and that he works to ensure that everyone succeeds.


Michael is always commented upon for his highly practical and positive style. He creates and delivers highly participative workshops and coaching sessions using experiential learning techniques and manages to encompass this same style within both face to face and his on-line coaching sessions. Taking a lead from the best of the theatre & TV directors he encountered Michael says he always aims to bring out the best of each trainees particular strengths and talents to enable them to deliver their best performance.

Coaching Experience

Michael works in in both the face-to-face and ‘on-line’ presentation arenas. His expertise can be used as an introduction to delivering on-line presentations, including tips on the use of certain on-line services. He applies his coaching to any number of ‘virtual’ presentation applications such as: enhancing skills for CEOs of senior execs; delivering on-line training; making on-line business cases and critical bids. Michael also works with individuals on a 1:1 coaching basis, and has almost 25 years and more than 1000 hours coaching experience at senior level. He has worked with FTSE350 and Global 2000 organisations across many European countries and cultures.


Michael bases most of his coaching upon a combination of his theatre and TV experience, mixed with touches of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and his many years as a business trainer. He is as an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.


“Michael is a consummate professional, thorough in preparations, outstanding at execution and an absolute pleasure to work with. Whether training to a room full of delegates or delivering one to one executive coaching, Michael makes everyone feel as though the training is custom designed just for them. He manages to strike the perfect balance between encouraging strengths that exist, whilst carefully identifying areas of opportunity for future development and clearly demonstrating how they may develop any respective weaknesses. I look forward to the opportunity to working with him again.”- Marketing Manager, International IT Company