Career Highlights

2019 - Present | Sole Director

Michael O'Higgins FX Class Representative LTD

2012 - 2015 | Chairman

NHS Confederation

2011 - 2014 | Chairman

The Pensions Regulator

2006 - 2012 | Chairman

Audit Commission

2004 - 2007 | Member of International Board

PA Consulting Group

2000 - 2004 | Group Head

PA Consulting Group

1999 - 2000 | Managing Partner

PA Consulting Group

1989 - 1996 | Partner

Price Waterhouse Consulting

1987 - 1988 | Principal Administrator

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development

Aziz Mentor - UK

A highly-successful leader with considerable experience in professional services, public finance and regulation. Throughout Michael’s leadership he has brought about growth in people and profits. He believes that if offered the right combination of freedom and support, people will personally grow and attract others. If they understand and do the right thing for clients, profitable business with follow.

Specific Expertise

  • growing professional services businesses
  • working with governments
  • regulation and regulators
  • talent capture through active diversity
  • building a non-executive portfolio that you enjoy
  • job transitions

Career history

Following a successful academic role, Michael embarked upon a 20-year career in management and IT consulting. He rapidly and profitably grew business and took immense pride in the people he developed and their deserved successes.

At 52 he switched to a portfolio career, combining chair/NED roles in the private, pubic and voluntary sectors. He enjoyed an exciting six years as a NED on the Board of HM Treasury from 2008-2014, spanning the global financial crisis.

Current Portfolio

Since stepping back from full-time corporate life Micahel is the Chair of a £17bn pension services organisation, the Channel Islands’ competition authority and a private equity advisory board.

He is also the leader of a class action against cartel behaviour by banks and a private investor.

Michael’s leadership style draws in equal measure on emotional and analytical intelligence and generates significant followership and trust. His ability to absorb large quantities of detail sits easily with his strategic awareness.

Personal Interests

music – classical and jazz

food and wine


sport – cricket, rugby and football

Key Influencers

“The best leaders create followers, they are generous in giving space and sharing credit – so if your team wins an award, let one of them accept it rather than yourself. People who behaved in this way have inspired me to do the same with my teams.”

Mentoring Experience

“I have mentored people both to grow into their roles and to prepare for a non-executive portfolio.

In an executive role, I grew and mentored 16 people into partnership in a professional services firm, as well as growing others into spaces from which they have since become partners.”


  • Freeman of the City of London, April 2008
  • Honorary Membership, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy