Executive Coach - USA

Madelyn takes a no-nonsense practical approach to coaching. She has travelled extensively around the world, working with C-suite and emerging/transitioning senior leaders in every continent. Her work spans domestic and international, public, private and non-profit sectors.

Commercial Experience

Madelyn has worked in all the primary commercial sectors: financial, banking, manufacturing, environmental, energy, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, technology, utilities, transportation, services, retail, education, legal, government, entertainment, and non-profits. She works with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, hyper-growth organisations, old economy companies redefining themselves, acquired companies, reorganising organisations and relocating organisations.


Madelyn’s distinctive expertise helps senior leaders see themselves clearly, understand their impact, and guide them to develop a personal leadership strategy that leverages their unique strengths to have the greatest impact. Her focus is C-suite and emerging/transitioning senior leaders. She is immersed in the challenges leaders face today.

Coaching Experience

Madelyn has trained and coached thousands of leaders throughout her career. In addition to her corporate clients, she coaches for the Harvard Business School’s two most senior executive programs, coaching leaders from around the world. She works alongside EVP level executives and coaches leaders from President to front line leaders to provide them with the skills and mind-set to shift the leadership culture to empowerment, engagement, coaching, and teamwork.


  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Master’s degree from Harvard University
  • Advisor to the Director of Harvard’s Center for Leadership
  • Harvard Law School Negotiation Program
  • Licensed practitioner in Kepner Tregoe Decision Making and Crosby Quality Model
  • University of Michigan, Positive Leadership