Storytelling Specialist - UK

Lizzie is highly talented in inspiring, motivating and persuading an audience using the art of storytelling. She gives business leaders the confidence to use stories to influence and emotionally engage their audience to create impact and provoke action.


Lizzie works with senior leaders including Board Directors (CEO’s, Finance, IT, Marketing etc) to help them engage an audience with impact and influence; to construct and convey a good business narrative. She works on both 1:1 and group level with people who want to create, shape and relate a good business story or presentation.

Style / Approach

Clients describe her style as inspirational, sharing their goals and willing them to succeed. She understands the need for powerful, impactful communication when leading teams and business and how a strong story can help with this. She is adept at turning rational facts into engaging solutions, stories and anecdotes.

Coaching Experience

Lizzie has coached more than 1200 individuals, including CEOs and Board level executives in the art of storytelling to help them communicate their authentic leadership style. Her clients include Vodafone, National Grid, Great Portland Estate, Ipsos Mori, Prudential, GSK, Philips, News UK and The Economist. Lizzie coaches in the USA and across Europe, arming company leaders with the tools and techniques to help them connect with their teams.

Qualifications and background

Lizzie has a strong marketing background; she was Marketing Director for Capital Radio and Orange and VP of Consumer Marketing for The Discovery Channel.

She is a tutor for the NFTS Masters course in Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives and an NLP practitioner and clean language coach and is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network.


“It was great that we shared the same ambition of wanting to create brilliant work together as well as having an honest discussion of the challenges we are going to face on the way and what we can each personally do to help tackle them. Our next steps are sticking to our personal commitments, debriefing our teams and supporting everyone in making it happen.” Group Account Director, Vodafone.

“Thank you – honestly the most enjoyable course I’ve participated in – you practice what you preach! So many stories to help share the point.” Group workshop delegate, DDB Canada.