Lizzie is a skilled and experienced trainer and facilitator who specializes in how to engage an audience with impact and influence. A core part of this is how to construct and convey a good business story. Her background in brand strategy and marketing is relevant in how to develop a distinctive vision and strategy and convey that in a compelling way. She has delivered sessions using storytelling for clients such as GSK, GE, the Office or Rail Regulation as well as communication and media companies. Lizzie facilitates and trains across the globe.


Lizzie started her career in advertising where encapsulating the essence of a brand and delivering it in a powerful way is essential.
She left advertising to move into marketing. She joined Capital Radio as Head of Marketing, Events and PR before becoming Marketing Director. She then became a consultant working with Channel 4, Big Green Door and Discovery Channel the latter as VP of Consumer Marketing.
She then worked at Orange and whilst there was instrumental in Orange becoming the number one mobile operator in the UK and for overseeing the re-branding of many of the FT mobile brands in different countries to the Orange Philosophy, values and identity. Powerful communication comes from emotional connection and rational fact both elements of which were essential to the Orange brand and way of doing things.
After 5 happy years there the lure of working for herself and helping others through training became too much. She has worked with clients such as BBC, NHS, Nike, Philips, GE, EE and British Gas.
In 2012 she was an IPA Advertising awards Effectiveness Judge, reading 40,000 word entries and where the way the story was told made a big difference and impact.

Style / Approach

She believes in everyone’s capacity to flourish and grow (individuals and businesses). Her approach to training and storytelling mixes practical experience and learning with exercises that help to underpin any theoretical learning. She uses techniques and tools that appeal to various styles, visual, aural and kinesthetic and draws from, amongst others, the worlds of NLP and Improvisational theatre. Lizzie’s style is enthusiastic and relaxed.

Specialist Areas

Lizzie delivers experiential and experimental Executive Education around communication, relationships and change.

Storytelling is a core part of this. Stories deliver powerful and memorable messages that motivate the listener to take action. This is particularly true when presenting where the ability to translate factual information into engaging narration can give your presentation a compelling edge and allow for the message to stick in the minds of the audience.
Whilst people tell stories all the time in their private lives, it can be a challenge to connect the right story to the right client in terms of relevance, structure and delivery in a business context.

Examples of Work

GE Capital Solutions
• Asked to give the leaders of this company the tools and techniques to help them address and connect with employees going through a big change process.

• Delivered different techniques to 40 people on being able to connect more effectively so that employees could be kept informed and motivated.

• Help them to understand and be able to deliver the power of story to engage with what was happening in the business in relation to customer service, with powerful stories around their brand values.
Government Organization
• Train their facilitators on the basics of storytelling to be able to run 2 specific story exercises at their conference.
OMD (Media Agency)
• Training core members of the team in using storytelling techniques to write effective awards entries.
• Looked at core techniques such as the 3 act structure, and relating the story from different points of view.
DDB Canada
• A two day course in Selling Creative Ideas. The use of story in pitches and presentations. How to relate the story of you, your business and the solution that you are presenting using different story techniques and finishing with putting it into practice with a mini pitch.


“Thank you – honestly the most enjoyable course I’ve participated in – you practice what you preach! So many stories to share to help illustrate the point”

Participant DDB Canada.
“Really inspirational! Huge strengths in bringing stories into the pitch environment”.
“About stepping back and thinking about how to engage people in what you have to say rather than lecturing at them”.

Participant 23 RED.
“Just a quick note to say thank you all for a very enjoyable and productive day in your fine company yesterday. It was great to have the space to get to know each other better and to realize we share the same ambition of wanting to create brilliant work together as well as having an honest discussion of the challenges we are going to face on the way and what we can each personally do to help tackle them. Our next steps are sticking to our personal commitments, debriefing our teams and supporting everyone in making it happen”.

Group Account Director, Vodafone.

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