Sophrology Specialist - UK

Liz works with leaders and their teams to help them optimise their performance and capability through Sophrology. With over 29 years’ experience in senior L&D roles in large corporates, She helps leaders to address their inner states of body and mind to increase their impact and effectiveness, particularly during periods of complexity and rapid change.


liz was attracted to Sophrology by what she felt was a missing element in personal and leadership development. Sophrology goes beyond the analysing, problem solving mind to address the inner states of body and mind that optimise performance and capability and increase a sense of fulfilment in daily life. Liz specialises in working with leaders and groups who want to use the power of the body-mind connection to find more focus, energy, balance and overall wellbeing. Her work is aimed at enabling personal freedom from self-limiting constraints, supporting businesses to flourish as communities of value-creation for society.


Liz’s group workshops are practical and informative. Her one-to-one Sophrology coaching is a combination of practising simple techniques and guided self-discovery. Liz combines the ability to listen deeply with experience and insight to identify what’s needed to bring about desired shifts. Her main areas of interest are developing values-based action and values-driven organisations; wellbeing in the workplace; and ‘vertical’ leadership development which increases the capacity to think and act in more complex, strategic and interdependent ways.

Coaching Experience

Liz started training as a Sophrologist in 2012. She provides Sophrology workshops for groups as stand-alone wellbeing offerings and as part of personal, leadership and culture development programmes. As a Director of Research and Collaboration at the Sophrology Academy, Liz is instrumental in establishing this life-balancing practice in the UK.

Background and Qualifications

Liz has over 20 years’ experience in learning and development, leadership talent, and culture and values in large multi-nationals. She has led multiple values-based culture change programmes and held senior positions in talent management and leadership development in South Africa and in the UK with a global remit.

Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Sophrology – Federation Des Ecoles Professionelles en Sophrologie

Post Graduate Diploma, Organisational Analysis – Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies

BComm, Industrial Psychology – University of South Africa

Licensed Practitioner: Culture Transformation Tools including the Leadership Values Assessment

HeartMath Certifed Coach/Mentor


“When Liz introduced me to sophrology the sessions had such an impact on my ability to remain focused and centred, that I was able to tackle major challenges with far more focus and calmness. The exercises also improved my sleeping pattern and ability to relax and de-stress at the end of a busy day. As a result of my personal experience, we introduced sophrology to the team and the business with great success. Liz brings deep experience as a practitioner she is supportive, generous and creates a wonderfully calm atmosphere.” HR Director, FTSE 100 Financial Services Group.