Khalid Aziz


Khalid is Chairman and founder of The Aziz Corporate, the UK’s leading executive communication consultancy. His first comprehensive media career spanned the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 with current affairs and business programmes. As a producer and presenter, he has also worked with the Open University, BT and PWC. He has also been media advisor to The Prince’s Trust.


Khalid has been coaching and advising senior executives for over 30 years. His clients are predominantly FTSE 350 and Forbes Global 2000 companies and assignments vary from individual development programmes to complex de-merger and results presentations.

Style / Approach

Clients say that they particularly appreciate the way he offers learning points from real life examples from his extensive experience of working at a Senior Level within FTSE 350. He gives direct and cogent feedback.

Specialist Areas

Khalid specialises in a number of areas, they include:
• Leadership
• Dealing with the Media
• Career orientation & planning
• Communication and Presentation skills, including
• Set piece speech making
• Motivational speeches
• Other aspects of spoken communications
He is much in demand as a Management Coach for rising and senior executives who use him as a sounding board and seek guidance on challenging issues within their management environment.

Qualifications / Accreditations

He is visiting Professor of Business Communications at The University of Southampton, School of Management and is Visiting Professor of Journalistic Ethics at The University of Winchester.

Khalid is Visiting Professor at Cass Business School.

Khalid is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Khalid writes and speaks regularly on Leadership Development and Effective Communication at various institutions.

He is Chairman of the disability charity Enham Trust and Life President of Naomi House and Jacksplace children’s hospices.

Khalid is visiting Professor of Business Communications at the School of Management, University of Southampton.


Khalid is extensively published both in book form and in hundreds of articles.

He wrote the highly acclaimed “Presenting to Win – a guide for Finance and Business Professionals” and “Managing Communications in a Crisis”.
He is a contributing editor to a number of learned journals and has been published in articles ranging from specialist communications magazines to general management publications such as Management Today.
Khalid is frequently called upon to comment on communications and management issues ranging from speech making through to dealing with difficult people through to mentoring & coaching.

Examples of Work

Examples of Khalid’s work include working with the management team of a division that was up for disposal (either as an IPO, Management Buyout or Acquisition). One Group Finance Director commented:
“As part of a 6 month sales process, it was important that the Management Team were able to present the company in a way that focused on the strengths of the business, and helped potential purchasers understand the future opportunities to grow the business. The comprehensive presentation skills training given to the team by Khalid undoubtedly helped to achieve the objective, and was an essential contributor to a very successful sale process with proceeds of £772 million.”
Khalid’s recent assignments have also included a programme of coaching with a newly appointed main board director who had significant communications challenges with other members of the board. Khalid was able to work with this individual, a qualified engineer, to give him the confidence and communication skills with which to deal effectively and influentially with all board members.
He has also coached a Russian speaking CEO via an interpreter.


“As a Finance Director, presenting information to the city with clarity and impact is very important – Khalid as definitely helped me to develop my presentation skills effectively to achieve this.”
“The media training was of the highest standard and enabled our executives to focus their minds on key points”
“The training course went beyond traditional presentation skills coaching. The process was very refreshing as well as informative and the advice was pertinent, direct and tailored to our situation.”


• Advanced Media Handling Skills
• Advanced Presentation Skills
• Executive Coaching

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