Career Highlights

2019 - 2019 | Director

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Lead Communications Skills Coach - UK

Khalid has been coaching and advising senior executives for over 30 years. He gives direct and cogent feedback. His clients say they appreciate his no nonsense approach.


Khalid specialises in communication and presentation skills coaching, including set piece speech making, motivational speeches, dealing with the media and delivering financials. He is also called upon to provide career orientation coaching.

Style / Approach

As well as his no nonsense approach, clients appreciate his real life examples from working at a senior level within the FTSE 350. He is much in demand as a coach for rising and senior executives who use him as a sounding board and seek guidance on challenging issues.

Coaching Experience

Khalid’s work ranges from coaching a newly appointed main board director who had significant communications challenges with his peers, to preparing and guiding directors for investor days or media conferences. He often supports finance directors when presenting information to the city and in their offices worldwide. He also deals with difficult people through mentoring and coaching, works with top teams to focus their narrative on the strengths of a business and future opportunities to grow and supports senior leaders in their career development.


Khalid’s initial career was with the BBC where he spent 12 years in News & Current Affairs and Business programming as Presenter, Producer and Editor. He then moved to ITV and Channel 4 where he spent 8 years in similar roles. Since then he has built Aziz Corporate over, three decades, into a world class Executive Development business. He has extensive experience in the commercial activities of both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations and government. He has been part of the advisory team on results presentations, fundraising, flotations and disposals, in crisis management situations and on corporate social responsibility in FTSE 100/Fortune 500 companies. He has served on UK Government advisory committees and holds leadership roles in The Prince’s Trust (Board Chairmanships), Naomi House Children’s Hospice (Life President) and national disability charity Enham Trust (Chairman). He is also a visiting professor at Cass Business School, Southampton University and at the University of Winchester.


“It’s hard to overestimate the confidence rehearsing with Khalid gives you. His critique can be robust, but it is always constructive and certainly pulls no punches – something that’s hard to get from your colleagues.” – Steve Lucas, Financial Director, National Grid.