Emotional Resilience

John is an expert in pressure management, stress management and emotional resilience. He has wide consulting experience in both the public and private sectors, at all levels. He is a Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of Southampton.


John is able to draw on over twenty years’ experience as an Educator, Police Management Development Trainer, Counsellor, Coach and Managing Director of the UK’s first nationwide student counselling company. He is the originator and developer of the 3-Dimensional Approach to Pressure Management; and can bring practical skills to help clients to perform under pressure. Additionally, John has contributed to the development of Human Givens theory in psychology and personal development.

Style / Approach

His approach to coaching is lively and interactive, balancing flexibility and responsiveness with academic rigour.

Specialist Areas

John’s particular specialisms lie in the areas of Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Training Practice and Coaching Supervision.

Qualifications / Accreditations

John is highly qualified, holding 4 Masters degrees (in Public Administration, Health Psychology, Human Givens Psychotherapy and Academic Practice) as well as professional qualifications in Coaching, Counselling, Group-Work and Education. John is also an NLP and Rickter Scale practitioner, a licensed user of Strengthscope and the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of Southampton.

Examples of Work

John is experienced at working with both groups and individuals and has worked as both a coach and a trainer for a wide range of private and public sector companies, including Sony UK, HSBC, HSA, Vodafone, National Grid.
Finance Director:
Identified and worked on tendency to predict negative outcomes; particularly in advance of important presentations. Worked on a range of positive action strategies to boost confidence and build motivation, with the result that she relaxed into her next presentation; receiving glowing feedback, despite delivering challenging messages to her audience.

Operational Director:
Recognized and challenged his tendency to slip into “black & white” (either-or) thinking when under pressure. Following the tutorial he enhanced his behavioural flexibility by learning to look for a third option (the “middle way”) whenever experiencing a dilemma between two alternatives. The client reported that where they would previously have felt torn between accepting or rejecting a colleague’s advice, they had now added the third option of thanking the person offering it and saying that they would consider incorporating parts of it into their repertoire of behaviours. This relieved his feeling of being torn between two alternatives, enhanced his sense of control and significantly reduced his tendency to procrastinate when facing difficult decisions.
Operational Director:
Helped to deal with sources of pressure effectively, by challenging predisposition towards perfectionistic thinking, and for insisting that the world must be organized in a particular way. Also worked on his habit of “awfulizing” set-backs, with the result that he was able to keep his composure when things weren’t going to plan and to take positive steps to get back on track.


John is a writer with over a dozen publications (see examples below) and a frequent speaker at conferencing events – including the International Association for Coaching Conference in March, 2010.
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