Executive Coach - UK

After 3 decades in the Boardroom, Jeremy offers a confident and result-driven approach to his coaching, consistently adding value to a wide range of executives. He has a great levelling presence, using a combination of business acumen and relationship building to help individuals and teams achieve their goals.

Commercial Experience

Jeremy’s professional background blends an early successful career in financial services and then the manufacturing food industry, with a more recent array of mergers, acquisitions, fundraising and turnaround experience. He has held a portfolio of Non-Executive Board positions for the last 20 years, both as a private equity fund manager and as an independent director of AIM. He has played a part in 6 IPO’s, 22 fund raisings and literally hundreds of investor result presentations. In 2006 he was voted Chairman of the year (Sub FTSE 350).


Jeremy creates a confidential and trusting relationship aimed exclusively at enhancing each client’s effectiveness in their role. He combines his excellent listening with questions, insights and perspectives aimed at helping each coachee to think clearly about how they wish to take things forward. Fully aware that each challenge and context is unique, he enjoys adopting a bespoke approach for each individual.

Coaching Experience

With over 11 years’ coaching experience and 1000 hours plus of Board level coaching, Jeremy works with clients in a variety of sectors from law and technology to the NHS. Much of his work has been focused on executives transitioning up their organisations and requiring changes to their approach, focus, style and time to be effective. Recurring themes include Board effectiveness, leadership, practice development, emotional intelligence, management skills and financial awareness.


Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching 2008

Corporate Finance Representative 1998

Qualified Chartered Accountant FCA 1976



“I first want to say thank you for all the coaching and the sessions – I have benefitted immensely from the time spent with you, from your questions, insights, perspectives and your ability to get me to think in a way I would not otherwise have thought…You helped me realise very early on that there’s much more for me to offer and do within my role and I’ve drawn courage and inspiration from our sessions to stick my neck out and rise to bigger challenges. I acknowledge that this is ultimately the goal of coaching – to have people discover their own answers and own true potential – but I really appreciate how we went about this – your style and professionalism – and the journey taken.” – CEO South Africa, Technology Sector