Influencing & Impact Specialist - UK

Helga has over 20 years’ experience supporting leaders and their teams in large multinational organisations to polish their influencing and impact skills to improve overall business performance.


Helga specialises in making leaders and teams more successful by developing their ability to influence with impact. This could be to strengthen the dynamics and productivity of a team or to help these individuals to win more business, improve brand perception or gain greater customer engagement. She is adept at motivating and supporting leaders to communicate with authority and authenticity and use tools that drive buy in.

Commercial Experience

Helga has held senior international and UK leadership roles at a divisional, director and organisational level in the automotive, recruitment and charitable industries where she was responsible for driving change, capability and shaping the culture. Drawing and building on this experience she now coaches leaders around the world to ‘influence with impact’ in situations where they are experiencing difficulty and where they may or may not have positional power.


An an expert in this field, Helga has developed a number of innovative influencing tools that strengthen people, process and performance outcomes. She tailors her approach and material to create meaningful outcomes that are logical, relevant and actionable in the work place.

Coaching Experience

With over 20 years’ experience, Helga has built a strong reputation for offering consultancy and skills training to senior managers. She works in different industry sectors including retail, banking, distribution, telecommunications, technology, aerospace and energy and in many locations including Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East.


Primary Certificate: Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling

Certificate in Counselling Theory and Practice

Licensed practitioner in NLP and SDI

Certificate in Training and Development

MSc Business Management

BSc Management Sciences

Association for Coaching (Member Level)

Centre for Coaching/Centre for Stress Management (Affiliate Level)


“Some quite simple techniques that for a great job of focusing the mind when in new or challenging situations. I can now decide how best to communicate to get.” Account Manager, Food Industry