Influencing & Personal Impact

Helga specialises in coaching and developing senior leaders and top teams in large organisations facing rapid change, complexity and ambiguity. Her work typically focuses on driving transformational leadership, helping leaders adjust to career moves and strengthening leaders ability to influence with impact.
She has worked with clients both in the UK and globally, across many industry sectors including retail, banking, distribution, telecommunications, technology, aerospace and energy.
Active leadership roles at a divisional, director and organisational level combined with “best practice” learning’s from her client base ensure her skill set is current and grounded in commercial reality.


With over 20 years progressive experience, Helga has built a strong reputation for offering consultancy and skills training to senior managers to improve business performance. Through active leadership roles in recruitment, the automotive industry and International Aid, and a Masters qualification in business management, she balances the need for theory with real time pragmatism. She believes that rapport and flexibility are key for success – offering the opportunity for control and trust in today’s dynamic environment.

Style / Approach

Helga seeks to create a confidential and comfortable relationship quickly after meeting to allow the client to openly and safely talk about areas of concern and curiosity, together with boundaries and “rules of engagement”. She subscribes to ‘active coaching’ drawing on a combination of active listening, probing, presenting of feedback, guided inputs, challenging and encouragement to examine desired outcomes, the present situation and the options before deciding on the most inspiring path to follow to achieve intended outcomes.

Specialist Areas

Helga coaches and develops senior executives towards High Performance Dynamics and Strategic Influencing. The skill of influencing is a key component in building and sustaining collaborative working relationships. Combined, as this approach is, with the study and practice of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)* it is a proven method for improving communication, team building, sales results and general personal and professional success.

Qualifications / Accreditations

Helga holds a Certificate in Counselling Theory and Practice, is a
qualified NLP Practitioner and has a Certificate in Training and Development.
She is affiliated to the Association for Coaching and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Examples of Work

Operations Director, Prestigious Automotive Company:
Need: To strengthen ability to lead his team during time of recession. Outcome: Heightened awareness and skill of how to use Visual, Vocal and Verbal behaviour to create “high status” leadership together with strong engagement and rapport

Vice Chancellor, New University:
Need: To build confidence and tool kit in forthcoming interviews to strengthen chance of selection to VC role for Russell Group University Outcome: Improved active awareness of perception created at start of, and during conversations with significant stakeholders. Greater ability to adjust verbal, vocal and visual positioning to adapt to situation in hand, and to different personality types. More effective monitoring of how well a conversation is going and when adjustment is needed.

Managing Director, Aerospace Industry:
Need: To strengthen rapport and collaboration with other MD’s in business
Outcome: Paradigm shift in what conversations at work could be like. Awareness of need to grow emotional connection in self and ability to disclose to grow rapport. Active practice of skill set is sessions plus guidance of tools and exercises to use post sessions


“I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this leadership development course. It has been a couple of days since I attended and I have now reflected on the experience. I can honestly say that it is the best external training I have ever had. The presenters were first class, we had a good group, the dynamics worked, nobody dominated and I think from the feedback sessions all of us got benefit from the experience. There was a lot of open and honest feedback and I will use the learning’s to improve my overall performance”

Director, Vodafone UK
“it’s the best professional development I’ve ever had!”

Managing Director, Energy Company


  • Influencing
  • Strategic Influencing and Personal Impact
  • Managing Change and Performance

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