Media Specialist - UK

With over 15 years’ experience, Helen is an outstanding media and crisis media coach with an enviable reputation. She has a background as producer/director on investigative programmes such as Watchdog and Panorama, and as such, she has exceptional journalistic rigour.



Helen uses her journalistic insight and attention to detail to create challenging and effective media training and crisis media training sessions for executives. She also offers broader communication skills workshops for charities and SMEs to achieve publicity and manage interviews. She produces and directs effective and well-crafted corporate and training videos. Helen’s sector specialism includes health, education, consumer and leisure affairs and the law.

Style / Approach

In consultation with the client, Helen ensures each session is geared to the specific needs, experience and ability ranges of the group or individual. She prepares very detailed question areas for each delegate to ensure the questioning is entirely relevant and topical. More often than not, Helen will film her coachees to document the performance element of their interviews and to illustrate progress. Clients are always surprised by how confident they feel after spending time with Helen, prepared for, rather than dreading, media encounters.

Coaching Experience

Since 2003 Helen has been providing media training and PR support to industries at home and abroad. She supports multi-nationals during disaster training exercises throughout Europe, providing the broadcast element and post-exercise analysis. Helen is also sought out as a specialist interviewer by executive recruitment companies for CEO and Vice-Chancellor roles.


After a post-graduate degree in Journalism Studies, Helen’s early career was with the press: The Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Time Higher Educational Supplement and the Birmingham Post & Mail. She moved to the BBC, where she spent 15 years as a producer/director on programmes such as Watchdog, Panorama and Newsnight. She writes regular blogs and articles advising on media strategies and interview techniques.


“For me the biggest benefit has been a sea-change in the way our senior managers approach the media. Instead of looking for ways to avoid media encounters, they are keen to embrace the challenge but at the same time understand the preparation involved in an interview. I now have a growing team of senior managers that I can trust to put out there.” Stephen Hallworth, Head of Media Relation, The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency.

“Probably the best training course I have ever been on.” Kat Turner, Lawyer, Colemans CTTS