Emotional Resilience Specialist - UK

Hazel combines her experience of challenging leadership roles with a deep understanding of human psychology to support clients to overcome challenges, build resilience and deliver sustainable high performance.


Hazel is a Business Psychologist and expert in resilience, leadership development and team dynamics. She helps leaders to build resilience in their response to crisis situations and to develop flexibility in their approach to the whole spectrum of leadership challenges. Her particular specialisms lie in the application of psychology in a business context to enable her clients to deliver sustainable high performance.


Hazel’s approach is solutions-focused; she combines healthy challenge with positive energy and inquisitiveness, delivering tailored and creative interventions using the latest psychological theory and evidence-based practice.

Coaching Experience

Hazel has over 12 years’ experience working with both groups and individuals and has worked as both a coach and team facilitator for a range of private and public sector companies. She is currently supporting Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service as an in-house coach, supporting leadership and service development. Hazel has also worked with Heathrow Ltd, London Fire Brigade, Facebook, Sodexo, Royal Mail Group, Solent NHS Trust, Energise Me and Natural Hydration Council.

Qualifications and background

Hazel is an Accredited Certified Coach (ICF), a member of the British Psychological Society, the Association of Business Psychology, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the International Coaching Federation. She is a licensed practitioner of Insights Discovery.

She has degrees in both Psychology and Management Science and a Masters in Occupational Psychology. She lectures in psychology at the University of Winchester specialising in leadership coaching and motivation.


“Top coaching this afternoon – a good challenge, questions and insight. Thanks for putting my emotional reactions in context and helping me find a way to address some of the aspects I am dealing with”. Senior Fire Officer

“Thank you so much for the work you have done with the two teams. We know because of history that developing these teams is a critical but sensitive issue. You have been so impressive in designing and facilitating the approach, it is your wider academic expertise, your facilitator skill and your knowledge of the team/context that has enabled such progress. I wouldn’t have had confidence in anyone else taking this work forward”. HR Director