Executive Coach - UK

In a career spanning four decades I have worked across a host of companies, international markets and industries, delivering impressive financial and transformational outcomes in a variety of roles including FD.

About Me

My journey began working for KPMG, first as an auditor in the oil and gas industry in the USA which led to working as CFO for three different oil companies in Colorado and Oklahoma, then as a Management Consultant in Taiwan, then London. My experiences in the London marketplace of international mergers, acquisitions, IPO deals and new global markets formed the capabilities for my becoming the coach I am today.

Learning with my own supervisory coach to harness my  ‘achievement bug’ – to acknowledge the contribution of others, to stop and celebrate each success – was the foundation of my most significant corporate achievement: an extra £500M on the sale of the business which created opportunities for all 200 members of the team involved around the world.

I became a coach because I found that the most impactful person is the leader who can deliver transformational change and achieve commercial targets at the same time. I worked alongside executive leaders who knew that this could only be possible by replacing the stick of authority with openness, humility and resolve; finding their authentic, personal style and their path to greater success and effectiveness.