Executive Coach - Japan/Singapore

Anthony is one of the leading senior Executive Coaches in Asia. Since 2003, he has served as a bilingual Executive Coach & Intercultural Communications expert for Fortune 500 Companies & Multinationals. Anthony’s involvement with Asia spans more than 25 years.  Although based in Tokyo, he travels extensively throughout Australasia & Europe.
Anthony coaches in English and Japanese.

Specialist Areas

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Intercultural Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Expatriate onboarding

His focus is 1:1 Coaching for Executives (C-Level, EVP, GM and MD Level), facilitating senior Management teams, as well as running International Leadership & Intercultural programs.

Commercial Experience

Before commencing his current profession, Anthony worked in International Consulting and Corporate Sales Management.
Anthony brings 20 years of International Relations experience to any client engagement. He currently serves as Principal Strategist & CEO of Peak Balance Japan.
Anthony has over a decade of corporate experience based in Asia. Roles held in Japan include Sales Executive, Strategic Development Manager & International Consultant. He has served as Project Director for Unisys and Avaya in South Korea & Malaysia. In Australia, he spent 6 years working in IT Sales and Management especially telecommunications & multimedia outsourcing. For 2 years in France, Anthony had the opportunity to co-ordinate an International Multimedia project for a European consortium.

Breadth of Experience

He works across a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, IT, Automotive, Finance & Multimedia. Anthony coaches & facilitates in both English & Japanese. He has logged over 2500 coaching hours and conducted workshops across the world. As Founding President of ICF Japan, he continually strives to enhance “best of class” coach training and communications development in Asia Pacific. He is also active in Regional Collaboration Projects & serves as a Mentor Coach in Asia.

A broad range of companies have benefited from Anthony’s style of coaching & facilitation:

  • Working with both Expatriate President & Sales Director of a Luxury Automotive Company  to create local alignment with Global Mission
  • APAC Director in Singapore – on boarding to be an effective communicator with a diverse multicultural  team.
  • Japanese CEO of Fortune 50 FMCG – leadership and effective interpersonal communications through executive presence

MD of a Subsidiary of a Fortune 50 Investment Bank – leadership program – moving from expert to leader

Style and coaching approach

Anthony’s coaching style is passionate, positive and pragmatic; quickly establishing a “creative learning space” where his clients can practice before applying skills in their work space. He is a Communicator and Creative Strategist.
As part of Anthony’s ongoing learning and development, he has focused his studies on how organizations and individuals adapt, learn and thrive in an increasingly complex global environment. Anthony passionately believes in engaging individuals and teams to develop integrated competencies that lead to sustainable results. The coaching models he uses are based on advanced research in neuro-science, biology and linguistics.

Qualifications and Accreditations

  • B.A. International Relations & Japanese, Sydney University, Australia
  • ICF Accredited Coach Training Program Graduate
  • Level 2, Japanese Proficiency Exam
  • Certified as NCC – Newfield Certified Ontological Coach
  • HBDI certified trainer
  • Hogan Assessment Systems & 360 accredited
  • Newfield Facilitator

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