Voice Specialist – UK

As a highly experienced voice coach, Annie has more than 20 years’ experience working with business leaders to help them develop their confidence and charisma to create the impact they desire.


Annie works with individuals and groups with a specific focus on vocal delivery, particularly within presentations. This involves an analytical assessment of vocal style to provide direct feedback to improve a particular vocal or speech trait. Her particular skills enable her to recommend and develop suitable breathing and relaxation techniques specific to each individual. Through these techniques and exercises, individuals are able to develop their vocal flexibility and impact to maximise their vocal range and potential. Furthermore, through the use of video recording, clients are able to self-monitor their vocal performances, keeping a focus on the areas that will deliver the full benefit.


Annie coaches clients through speech and voice exercises to help them achieve their full potential. In a voice session she analyses vocal style, giving opportunities to practise specific exercises and techniques to develop vocal flexibility and impact. This ensures that voice is always the main consideration in her clients’ preparation. She emphasises that the voice must be produced in the most relaxed and effective way to complement and enhance the delivered message.

Coaching Experience

Annie has over 20 years of coaching experience, mainly individual 1:1 sessions. As well as working with many FTSE100 senior leaders, she has considerable experience of working with finance directors to help them deliver their City results with impact and clarity. She coaches CEOs who want to develop their confidence and vocal delivery to match their seniority and status and influence stakeholders. She also works with executives who have a global remit and need to develop a more flexible style.


Annie is a senior specialist Speech and Language Therapist by profession and an experienced NHS manager and team leader. She has a wealth of knowledge of voice and communication skills. She is a registered member of the Royal College Speech and Language Therapists and a member of the Healthcare Professions Council.


“Annie is experienced at using her knowledge and experience of verbal and non-verbal skills to help her clients build their confidence and delivery, while recognising the huge asset that voice and communication style can have in the business world.”

“Annie is passionate about her subject and following a voice tutorial guarantees that voice and vocal potential will be on her clients’ radar. She is very keen to promote vocal health and preservation within the time restraints of a busy working schedule.”