Executive and Team Coach - UK

I have over 25 years’ experience in coaching and developing senior leaders. I support leadership teams with business planning and strategic thinking as well as developing their leadership skills.

About me

For 10 years, I was responsible for the learning and development for all executives at Zurich Financial Services in the UK. During this time I also worked in Switzerland overseeing talent and management development for the wider global community.

I enjoy working with senior leaders, especially those individuals who have been catapulted into a strategic role and need to deliver quickly to become a valued part of the senior leadership team. Often super smart and technically brilliant, they need to brush up on their people engagement skills and shift their mindset from a department or function focus to an organisation-wide perspective.

I also help senior leadership teams to develop their strategic vision and organisational values and support them to cascade these individually and collectively across the organisation. My book ‘Leading with Executive Presence’ (2019) is a result of many years spent working with executives across many industry sectors.

My clients include IBM, Lloyds Banking Group, Rolls Royce, Gillette, Duracell, Barclays, Save The Children, Ageas, The Post Office and the NHS.