Executive Coach - UK

Andrew has reported at Board level for many years. As such, he brings a deep appreciation of the highs and lows of frontline leadership. He shares his insight into the drivers of success in work and life as well as broad international and multi-industry business knowledge.

Commercial Experience

Andrew is a seasoned senior executive with 28 years financial services experience, most recently as MD for Deutsche Asset Management. He has led diverse teams of highly skilled individuals in Asia, Europe and the US, working for blue chip companies including Schroders, Janus Henderson and Deutsche Bank. As a senior investment manager, he has met, interviewed and assessed the boards of listed companies across emerging markets, the US, Europe and the UK.


Andrew uses a pragmatic and practical approach to coaching that draws on his commercial experience. He helps create a respectful and supportive environment for clients to reflect on their most important challenges and transform their performance. Working together and with complete confidentiality, clients are encouraged to explore their existing thinking, consider new perspectives and move forward in a way that is consistent with their individual strengths, values and the organisational context in which they operate.

Coaching Experience

Andrew has 1200 hours of coaching experience built up over 18 years. He works with senior and high potential leaders across industries and in the public and charitable sectors. He has extensive coaching experience with clients in venture capital, banking, retail, wealth management, education, technology and recruiting industries. He has coached and mentored colleagues throughout his career and has extensive experience of supporting teams to improve performance. Andrew is a seasoned public speaker and has appeared as an expert on Bloomberg TV, CNBC and in the financial press. He has studies executive coaching at Ashridge/Hult Business School and is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.


Masters in Executive Coaching for Organisational Consultants – Ashridge Business School

BSc Economics and Political Science – University of Bath

UK Society in Investment Professionals (CFA UK)


“Andy’s coaching helped me pinpoint some fundamental and critical factors impacting my programme’s success. Obtaining this clarity, enabled us to explore my own response to those challenges before he then went on to support me to build the energy and enthusiasm to address them head on. The breadth and depth of his business acumen, his intuition for knowing when something is missing, coupled with deep listening skills and genuinely caring about his coachee, all combine to provide a rich and uplifting coaching experience. He challenges with empathy and brings his expertise with humility.”