influencing personal impact & presence

Influencing Personal Impact & Presence

“Leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less”
~ John C. Maxwell

In this challenging and competitive world, being the person that others gladly and confidently follow is a defining characteristic of effective leadership.
Influencing, in this context, requires a greater level of skill than other forms of communication – informing, debating, goal setting – as it involves shaping the thinking, feeling and behaviours of others to produce a desired outcome. It draws on skills of persuasion, selling and motivation, but steers clear of manipulation and coercion. It requires confidence, courage and conviction.

The starting point for a 1:1 Influencing Personal Impact & Presence coaching session is to identify: “What do you want as a desired outcome?” Depending on this, the focus of the session could be:

  • Influencing others: Understanding how to get others to support your goals
  • Influencing self: Building your brand and reputation as a leader
  • Strengthening Impact: Increasing your gravitas/presence in situations that matter

We also design and deliver group workshops on this theme, ranging from a ½ day to a 2 day programme. All workshops are bespoke and begin with an exploratory conversation to understand what you want the outcome to be.

Our Influencing Personal Impact Coaching will help you:

  • Grow your versatility to gain support from others for your goals, without resorting to positional power or force
  • Help you to strengthen your impact and presence in situations that matter
  • Promote clarity and confidence on your intent and branding as a leader

Influencing Personal Impact & Presence Examples

MD of a global Energy provider who wanted to strengthen gravitas and be a more effective networker. Coaching explored how to enter a room and read readiness signals, how to create interest and engagement whilst imparting value-added knowledge and a hook for future contact. At the end of the session the client commented “a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”. His CEO praised him at a subsequent international conference in how he had come over to clients.

  • A Technology Entrepreneur and CEO of global company, who wanted to build confidence in communicating to stakeholders. The coaching themes included:
    exploring outcomes – how he wanted others to be thinking and feeling following his communication
  • styles of delivery that aligned with desired outcomes
  •  how to structure different types of communication to appeal to wide variety of audience

Following a presentation to the City and potential investors, the CEO noticed increased engagement and interaction during and after his presentations.

  • A Chief Risk Officer for a City Financial Institution who was in conflict with his CEO and needed to operate at a more strategic level. A series of 3 influencing sessions helped to:
    build respect and reduce the degree of resentment associated with previous interactions
  • identify the preferred influencing style of the CEO and strategies that produced higher value-add interaction
  • strengthen thinking processes that shifted conversations from an operational to a strategic level

Two months after the final session the Risk Officer commented that he is now in the “inner circle” of decision makers in the Company and that his relationship with the CEO continues to grow.

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