Influence and Impact

The ability to influence is an essential skill for all leaders. It’s more art than science, and it can be tough to master.

Global, matrixed, team-based environments

Being a successful influencer matters and will continue to matter more as we continue to move to flatter, global, matrixed organisations. Historically, the power an individual has, has been based on hierachy and technical experts are promoted based on their expertise rather than on the leadership skills they bring.

Today though, as organisations are moving towards flatter, matrixed and team-based models, the need to influence others through means other than positional power is becoming increasingly important. It can be a challenge to portray authority and gravitas and win over the trust and confidence of often technically-minded, operationally-driven leaders is not always straight forward. In these situations, leaders thrive when they have the ability to influence.

Effective influencing

Influencing effectively today involves shaping the thinking, feeling and behaviours of others to produce a desired outcome. It draws on skills of persuasion, selling and motivation, but steers clear of manipulation and coercion. It requires confidence, courage and conviction.

Various influencing styles have been identified over the years and each can be effective, depending upon the situation and people involved. A common mistake is to use a one-size-fits-all approach though as influencing is highly situational.

Tangible business results

Creating a sustainable, confident and powerful impression can drive tangible business results by:

  • articulating vision with conviction and authority in pressured environments
  • developing greater commitment to ideas
  • improving buy-in to projects, bids and proposals
  • polishing personal impact and presence to stand out

Specialist coaches

Specialist influencing coaches can drive transformation and their practical tips and advice creates lasting impact amongst both senior leaders and their teams. They provide direct, honest feedback in a closed, confidential environment. Working either on a one-to-one or group basis, face-to-face or remotely, our coaches help leaders to build a more authentic, credible, personal leadership brand.

One-one and group workshops

Working on a one-to-one basis with an influencing coach is time efficient, focusing specifically on your individual style and leadership brand. Often two or three sessions is all it takes, depending on the desired outcomes.

Group workshops are tailored to the needs of the individuals and the organisation. Over the last two years, these have included masterclasses in:

  • versatility and personal impact
  • strategic influencing
  • strengthening influence
  • communicating with influence
  • impact and strategic influencing
  • personal impact

Speak to one of our influencing coaches directly and together you can decide what the best options are for you and you’re organisation.

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