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@TrainingJournal 14 | March 2019 | Coach i ng l &D and HR specialists working inside organisations today are experiencing unique times. Brexit, and the potential risks this policy has inevitably created for UK companies, means that many of the senior leaders being supported with executive and performance enhancement coaching face unprece- dented challenges. Although as individuals they may be super-intelligent and have highly developed expert knowledge in their respective functional areas, they are being forced to make huge decisions collectively, about problems that actually have no right answers. Baz Hartnell and Lucy Ball on how pairs coaching can help C-leadership to thrive in a VUCA landscape Dare To Pair Brexit offers a fantastic example of this as an unprecedented situ- ation, where the complexity and volatility of the present cannot be used to predict the future. Who really knows what will happen? Two dimensions of influence Although Brexit is unique, this situation isn’t new per se. We have explored the impact of VUCA environments (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) for some time, with the corresponding impact of what is now required of an organisational leader. No longer the ‘hero’, these individuals need to work 14-17 TJ Baz Hartnell and Lucy Ball READY.indd 14 26/02/2019 16:54:30