Executive Mentoring

Why work with an executive mentor?

Executives tend to seek a mentor when they are looking for:

  • a successful role model to follow
  • a sounding board
  • a source of much greater experience

Executive mentoring often deals with the broader backdrop of your life and career. It can help you work toward goals that are both immediate and long-range, including goals that stretch well into the future.

75% of executives point to mentoring playing a key role in their careers – source ASTD

Mentors provide confidential situation specific advice and counsel. They will:

  • suggest different practical approaches
  • clarify thinking
  • help navigate corporate politics
  • challenge your ‘route to goal’
  • prepare you for challenges
  • help deal with change and ambiguity
  • envision and help shape an organisation
  • be an effective sounding board

Our prestigious group of mentors have all successfully led large global functional teams and sat at the top table of multinational, global organisations. Functional experts as well as corporate captains, these mentors now make time to share their wisdom, experience and insight via personalised mentoring programmes.

Our mentors span a wide range of functional areas, from finance to risk, from strategy to customer, from HR to marketing and a wide range of other sectors.

They come from a variety of backgrounds including FTSE 350, FTSE SmallCap Index, Limited Partnerships, PE owned, foreign and government-owned and might still be in role, or recently retired and enjoying a varied portfolio career.

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