Our Approach to Communication Skills Coaching

We use specialist coaches to address your specific needs, creating your bespoke programme.

You’re aware you’re in the spotlight

You’re fighting back the nerves

Will your confidence hold out?

You know the tricky questions are yet to come

Or do you just need some polish to move from good to great?

How can we help?

The process typically starts with a diagnostic session to assess current skill levels, identify capability and analyse what interventions are needed to unlock potential to help the individual be the best communicator they can. At the end of the diagnostic session we design a programme of sessions with specialist Aziz experts orchestrated by the lead coach who conducted the diagnostic. This unique approach guarantees excellence.

Our communication and presence coaching has been used to effectively deliver:

Financial Presentations – Results Presentations – Pitches – Public Speaking Appearances etc.


These invaluable techniques will stick with you for the rest of your career:

  • Prepare a 10 minute presentation in just half an hour
    • identifying ”hot” buttons
    • use storytelling to bring alive a subject
    • generate “killer facts”
    • establish clear outcomes – “call to action”
  • Use techniques employed by musicians, actors and sports stars to get your nerves under control
  • Make an impact – a room “light ups” when you enter; you shine at the top table
  • Get your message heard – the audience immediately “tune in” to you
  • Develop gravitas – speak to your colleagues as an equal
  • Influence others – inspire confidence and trust, stimulate positive debate
  • Achieve credibility – get their buy-in and ultimately get them to take the action you want.
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