Strengthening Individual and Collective Interaction

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The Aziz Programme

Working in partnership we developed a bespoke programme that was designed to suit the exact needs of the group. The resultant programme focused on three central themes:

  • Strategic Influencing
  • Supporting the Strategic Agenda
  • Developing the Relationship Agenda

“Going into the programme it felt very tailored to us as a group”

The aim of this intensive 2 day programme was to strengthen high performance team dynamics between the Board members, whilst equipping them with the tools to be more effective influencers.

This created an opportunity to:

  • Build understanding and trust between the Board Members
  • Explore how to construct communication to ensure greater receptivity to key messages
  • Create stronger consistency between intent and behaviour


The programme began with a pre-call with an Aziz course facilitator, in order to establish target objectives and outcomes for the programme, and confirm the pre-work required by each delegate. The call involved:

  • The review of past feedback/assessment received concerning their personal impact and influencing abilities
  • The identification of 3 areas in which they would like to improve
  • The agreement to a post-programme appointment with their line manager for review of their performance and progress
  • The construction of a Sociogram (analyses personal level of rapport) of their business network

Allison Campbell said of these pre-calls:-

“They are extremely useful. It set the content of the overall 2 days”

With a combination of group work and 1-2-1 coaching, the programme delivered outputs associated with:

  • Strengthening individual and collective interaction
  • Improved resourcefulness to deploy appropriate skills to suit different situations
  • Greater conviction and confidence to pursue and implement an agenda of change

Mike Birch, Sales Director commented:

“I was blown away by Helga (one of the consultants), she was incredibly insightful and our 1-2-1 session within the group programme was very valuable to me”

Additional feedback received included:

“Since the programme I have seen the interaction and quality of our discussion improve significantly”

“The programme really helped us to explore the priorities we had to address both individually and as a team”

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