Strategic Influencing and Impact

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The Aziz Programme

The Senior HR Management team attended a tailored 3 day Strategic Influencing and Personal Impact (SIPI) programme, the aim of which was to give them the ability to influence at the most senior levels and to communicate with impact by providing them with a real guided simulator experience. This would allow them to hit the ground running and to immediately put into practice their newly acquired influencing skills.

Programme details

This SIPI programme delivered an intensive yet structured and pragmatic approach to achieving effective executive influencing in a wide range of demanding business situations.

In addition to acquiring a clear understanding of processes and techniques in how to improve strategic influencing strategies, the design of the course ensured delegates worked in a rational, emotional and behavioural way with the data.

This SIPI programme balanced proven behavioural theory (completion of the Strength Deployment Inventory®) along with real experiential learning.


During the first day of the programme it became evident that the needs of the group were different from those initially agreed at the outset and as a result the format for the second day of the programme was amended, ensuring the newly identified development needs of the team were met and addressed.


This programme not only achieved its objectives of building the team’s ability to influence and have impact but also strengthened the team dynamics.

Ruth believes that the programme has resulted in:

“A more powerful HR management team with individuals taking more personal responsibility”

And further commented:

“ I found the SIPI programme to be challenging and thought provoking.
It made a real impact on me as a leader and the influencing style of
my team members”

When asked “what are you now doing differently / better”, the delegates responded:

  • “More confident”
  • “Think about the different audiences and my personal impact upon
  • entering the room”
  • “Working more effectively with specific members of the HR team”
  • “How to improvise and think on my feet”
  • “More self belief”
  • “Working on building rapport with senior managers”
  • “Ensuring I create and maintain status in meetings”
  • “Remaining confident in challenging situations”


And finally the delegates commented on how they liked our approach and found the consultants to be both challenging and helpful, evident not only during the programme but also during the post coaching call conversations.

What did the delegates learn?

Ruth Mundy said:

“ Better cohesion between the HR team”
“How to create status and impact”
“To hold space as a leader”
“To be aware of personal impact and presence”
“To connect at an emotional level”
“To build further credibility within business”


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