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The Aziz Programme

Aziz consultants worked intensively with Andrew and in a very short space of time in presentation style and content he gained the confidence of the investor community.

“It was daunting to say the least. I had so little time to prepare for my early presentations and it would have been tempting to concentrate solely on the financials. But the Aziz people were highly skilled in bringing out a side of me I didn’t realise existed.”

Aziz Corporate is well used to working to tight timescales and understands the pressures FDs are under in the run up to results. With careful planning we are able to enhance the process and take the stress out of what can be a very tense period.


With all eyes on the new FD, Andrew’s first results presentations in 2004 and 2005 were considered an overwhelming success. Investors and analysts gave him a resounding tick in the box.

“Although inevitably under time pressure it was well worth investing in the Aziz Methodology. Even years later I still rehearse with Aziz.”

By working with Aziz Corporate you will move up a level in presentation, polishing your performances and achieving confidence, clarity and impact.


1985 – Tax Manager then Tax Partner, Arthur Andersen
1994 – Director of Tax & Internal Audit, Forte Plc
1996 – Director of Financial Planning & Tax, Granada Group PLC
1997 – Finance Director, Granada Restaurants & Services Division
1999 – Finance Director, Granada Hotels Division
2001 – Group Finance Director, First Choice PLC
2004 – Group Finance Director, Compass Group Plc
2011- to date – various Non Executive roles including EasyJet and Intertek

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