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Zurich Insurance Group is one of the world’s largest insurance groups, and one of the few to operate on a truly global basis.

Lord Leitch served as Chief Executive Officer of the UKISA and Asia Pacific Business Divisions within Zurich. Since leaving there he has held many senior positions including Chairman at Scottish Widows plc, Deputy Chairman at Lloyds Banking Group plc, and a member of the Board of Old Mutual Wealth.


It was his promotion to Chief Executive of Allied Dunbar in 1993 that prompted Sandy Leitch to contact communications experts, Aziz Corporate.

Although already an accomplished communicator, his new position entailed a heavy schedule of speaking engagements to audiences of all sizes around the country, culminating in an annual presentation to over 2,000 top achievers in the massive auditorium of Wembley Conference Centre.

Lord Leitch put what he had learned into practice immediately and noticed a significant improvement in his delivery to groups of all sizes. He was able to delivery confidently, with his new awareness that it wasn’t just about what he said, but how he came across to the audience; that enthusiasm, posture and confidence are all equally important in getting the message across.

“As a busy chief executive with a million things to do, it would have been easy to neglect spoken communication skills. But speech making is a vital part of a chief executives job and I could not afford to be complacent. Aziz Corporate’s tough programme of one-to-one tutorials ensured I got maximum benefit from their expertise. The course really tested my abilities but brought immediate and noticeable results.”

Lord Alexander Leitch Chief Executive, Allied Dunbar

“Communicating well from the top of an organisation is crucial. It sets the direction, tone and style and it gives a key competitive edge”.

Lord Alexander Leitch Chief Executive, Allied Dunbar

“I clearly remember my first session – it was somewhat robust! But criticism was always constructive, designed to improve how I presented myself.”

Lord Alexander Leitch Chief Executive, Allied Dunbar

” The acid test at the end of the day was did Aziz Corporate enhance my communication skills? The answer is definitely ‘YES’!”

“My norm is now to speak from bullet points written on cards. It means I can ad lib, relax, adapt to the audience and be myself.”