Presenting to camera xx


The Chief Operating Officer of a global financial services business was being supported to establish himself in his new role with a view to succeeding as CEO. Having already experienced a considerable amount of communication coaching, and with a perceived excellence in external communication skills, his colleagues described him as very clear, logical and honest. Analysts also rated him highly and he was especially good with non-native English speakers speaking slowly and in a measured way.


Whilst an experienced leader with clear communication skills, some colleagues interpreted his measured approach as cold, static and lacking humanity. More importantly, he was not comfortable presenting on camera but with his global span of control video and webcasting were key communications tools.

He had a tendency to lose energy in his voice and had issues around dynamic range, breathing and enunciation. His current and future role would require him to appear comfortable and fluent in front of a camera. Much of this stemmed from him being a self-confessed introvert who found it difficult to shift out of analyst mode.

An initial diagnostic session was organised with Khalid Aziz and our camera man before a tailored programme was designed to address the individual skills required to perfect a relaxed performance to camera.