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The Aziz Programme

Aziz Corporation consultants, led by Khalid Aziz, worked with Steve Lucas on his generic communications skills improving not only the content and structure of his presentatons but also on how he could use his voice more effectively and employ influencing techniques to ensure key financial messages hit their targets.

“Getting the right messages over is critical to ensuring investor confidence. The Aziz consultants’ approach meant every aspect of my presentation style was addressed.”

Once the generic work was completed Steve returned every 6 months to rehearse his Interim and Final results presentations – a policy he continued for 8 years until the end of 2010 when he retired from National Grid.


Working on generic skills and following up with regular rehearsals of “live” presentations ensured that Steve Lucas’s presentations were always of the highest order.

“ It’s hard to overestimate the confidence such regular rehearsals with high calibre external consultants gives you.
Their critique can be robust, but it is always constructive and certainly pulls no punches – something that’s hard to get from your colleagues.

By working with The Aziz Corporation you will move up a level in oratory, polishing your performances and achieving confidence, clarity and impact.

Even after 5 years I was still learning. I would highly recommend the process to any rising Finance Directors.”


1983 – senior finance roles Shell including postings in Africa, Hong Kong and China
1994 – Finance Director, British Gas (E & P and Global Gas)
1998 – Treasurer, BG Group
2000 – Finance Director, Lattice Group
2002 – Group Finance Director, National Grid plc


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