Preparing for an Investor day xx


Their team of executives based in New York, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Hong Kong and London, all with very different levels of experience and seniority, needed to deliver a polished and seamless presentation to 250 investors and analysts at their investor day in New York.

When Naspers approached us to support their executive team to prepare for their investor day, we designed a solution to ensure all the team were fully prepared, regardless of their experience. This resulted in coaching both face-to-face and remotely spanning three continents.

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for the significant role you played in the success of our Investor Day in New York last week! The presenters…all stepped up to the challenge and delivered an engaging story, with lots of confidence and it was all thanks to the thorough preparations and guidance they received from you.”

Khalid Aziz Advanced communication coach and award-winning broadcaster

“Our clients always benefit from time spent in coaching and rehearsal which always leads to a more polished and engaging performance. Many who have never presented to a large and challenging audience appreciate the safe and focused environment allowing people to hone their skills and clearly communicate their messages.”