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The Aziz Programme

The Aziz Corporation tailored an Advanced Presentation Skills day to the needs of the six-strong team. They presented in two groups of 3; the first delivering an investor presentation, the second a sales presentation.
Both teams had a lot of work to do, but during the day the consultant encouraged them to:

  • think more strategically about their communications (what they actually want the audience to do as a result)
  • use stories rather than numbers
  • use PowerPoint for the right reasons

It was a good opportunity for the group to talk through their communications strategy, as they don’t have a department to do this for them. They did a lot of talking between themselves with the consultant providing challenge and direction to help them develop their messages.

In the afternoon, they developed two short ‘Dragons Den’ style pitches asking for money from the other team – the Dragons. It was helpful for them to concentrate on ‘show them the money’ and getting to the point.


“The main value is that it’s an outsider coming in with a different” says Keith, “and the proof of the pudding, is that down the line the learning has indeed been used”

The presentations are all recorded and played back for critique:

“having the DVD is really helpful – add a certain edge to the training, which overall was thoroughly useful and enjoyable”

Additional feedback received included:-

“Well prepared, good interactive style, excellent” – Lisa Hamon, Sales Director

“Very professional, great approach – understanding Death by PowerPoint and learning to adapt and tailor to the audience are my key takeaways” – Chris Wilson, Group Technology Advisor

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