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The Aziz Programme

The Aziz Corporation’s media consultant, Helen Glanville worked with the charity’s Chief Executive, Brendan Eley, to develop a bespoke programme of media handling skills for Healing Foundation scientists from around the country.

The emphasis was placed on enabling HF scientists to recognise the newsworthiness of many of their research programmes as well as understanding the needs of different media audiences.

It emerged in one session that HF scientists were weeks away from trials into oestrogen dressings that could radically accelerate the healing of wounds in the elderly.

Others were world experts on understanding the natural healing powers of young frogs, which could lead to limb regeneration in humans transforming the lives of many, including returning injured servicemen.

Within days of training Brendan received messages from scientists around the country offering themselves and their work forward to the media.

By focusing clearly on the outcomes of their research, Brendan also hopes HF scientists will be able to engage more clearly with donors.


“The Aziz Corporation brings professionalism, a highly regarded business approach and a human face to communication skills training which we are already finding invaluable. ‘Selling’ philanthropy is challenging; armed with the same training and skills that our commercial colleagues have relied on for years, we can convey our compelling messages even more clearly and consequently raise even greater awareness and support for our cause.”

“Following coaching with The Aziz Corporation, I have found our scientists
inspired to promote the benefits of their research to the media.”

“Some have already undertaken media interviews and we now have several new
spokespeople we feel confident in promoting.”

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