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The Aziz Programme

A series of coaching sessions began – 12 hours in total.
They explored in depth what the delegate was looking for from his coaching, what would be different for him at the end of the programme, how this would be measured and what he specifically wanted from Claire as his coach (outside of the expected honesty & challenge). His coaching objectives revolved around the need for:

  • More impactful at the senior leadership team level
  • Build his leadership skills
  • Seek clarity on his career path

The involvement of the delegate’s manager in the process was imperative – to provide a check-in of progress for him plus offering him encouragement and support in his transitional journey.

During the course of the coaching, strategies and ways of preparing were developed that helped him feel more at ease with the Senior Leadership team, helping him build rapport with key individuals and present to them with authority and confidence.

He was encouraged to be an authentic leader and they worked on polishing aspects of his ‘leadership brand’.

For his career path clarity, Claire gave him exercises to pull out his strengths, values, ideal organisation and long term plan. They completed the Myers Briggs evaluation so the delegate became more aware of his own natural preferences as well as those of other key stakeholders.

Coaching support was also offered in respect of having the skills and confidence to have ‘courageous conversations’ with his direct reports. Techniques for giving feedback were practised and this enabled him to see things very differently and adapt his style and messaging.


During the coaching programme the delegate was promoted into a bigger role and consequentially, time management became a priority. Claire agreed with him action steps to make sure he was as productive as possible whilst not becoming overwhelmed. Afterwards Claire shared the Eisenhower model which might support him further.
As a result of the coaching programme the delegate was far more able to make an impact at the LT, lead his team(s) more effectively and is much clearer on his career plan. The opportunity to take on the bigger and higher-profile current role is testament to his learning and growth.

He commented:-

“I found that I was immediately able to trust Claire and built a very good rapport with her”

“I have moved into a new more high profile role since undertaking coaching with Claire.  Whilst this cannot directly be linked to the coaching it is my belief that it has fundamentally changed how I approach my work and communicate with my peer group and executive team”

Our Executive Coaching Expertise

International cadre of expert Executive Coaches with proven success of coaching senior leaders
They are highly self-aware and actively curious, probing ‘below the surface’ to raise the awareness of the coachee’s ingrained patterns of behaviour. Most importantly they deliver challenging feedback and are not afraid to step in and offer directive support.

Board Level Executive Coaching
Transitional Coaching for Leaders
Senior Woman Leadership Coaching
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