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Neopost is a global supplier of business communication solutions that optimise sending and receiving mail, parcels and emails. With a global turnover of €1 billion, they have 800,000 customers in 90 countries and have 5,900 employees.

Faced with the digital revolution and increasing e-commerce together with a significant growth in parcel volumes, Neopost are shifting from their traditional mailroom equipment and services towards software solutions that manage data reliably over multiple channels. This has led to a significant organisational change in the way the company operates globally to share resources and avoid duplication.



Eleven middle managers, between 5 and 10 years management experience but little formal training, were identified as high performers via their annual review. They had been put forward by their line managers as having the potential to take on a future senior role or a broader role.

Following the first programme, the exec team reported the delegates had facilitated a positive cultural shift within the organisation.

A coaching approach within teams created resilience

Previous cohorts are invited to attend ‘deep dive’ sessions to continue to develop their authentic leadership brand

2 delegates were promoted to the SLT on completion of the programme.

100% of delegates rated their overall experience as very good or excellent

Lorraine Towler, Contact Sentre Manager, Neopost

“Time to think and understand different peoples’ mindset and adapt my leadership style accordingly.”

Claire Niven, Operations Manager, Neopost

“A great learning experience.”