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“I don’t need a coach because…”

…I’m sure of this

  • Maybe they are right. Coaching is not for everyone or all situations.
  • The person being coached needs to be ready to be open, prepared to consider different possibilities and to recognise there may not be a quick fix.

…it’s not right now

  • Perhaps the timing is not ideal. There is a lot going on and many deadlines. They could be better placed in a month or so to be able to step back a bit and relax into the coaching.

…I don’t see the issue

  • Maybe they would benefit from some gentle but specific feedback about the issue or opportunity that other people are seeing.
  • Are they aware of this ? What other ideas do they have to address this?

…it didn’t work last time

  • Coaching is very dependant on the relationship – there needs to be trust on both sides.
  • Meet with several coaches – explore who you could be comfortable with and who has the right balance of making you feel listened to but also challenged.
  • Be clear about what outcomes you want from the coaching and what role you’d like the coach to play.

…I’m not sure what I’m looking for

  • This may be where a coach could help.
  • A large part of the coaching conversation is exploring what is important to the client and raising awareness of potential areas that would be worth further discussion to establish some clear objectives.

About the author

Calum Byers is an Aziz Executive Coach. He has an excellent perspective on varying cultural and leadership styles derived from many years working at C-level leadership roles in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. As an executive coach he manages a wide range of coaching requirements, in particular:

  • Helping individuals from a functional background such as finance or sales move into executive roles where the scope is much wider and their value is no longer their specific expertise but their ability to contribute to the company as a whole.
  • Acting as a sounding board for a senior executive or CEO to enable a frank discussion about concerns at that time or on the horizon.

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