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Over the last couple of months we’ve seen more enquiries than ever for Executive or Leadership Team Development. We asked ourselves, ‘why now?’

Undoubtedly team development was put on hold by many organisations during the pandemic. But the last 2 years of virtual working and dealing with unprecedented change has most definitely created, maybe exaggerated, the support that leadership teams need. Now with the return to a physical office, team development ‘solutions’ are in great demand.

We’ve identified 5 distinct reasons for bringing team development to the top of the agenda:

  1. An Exec/leadership team with new members who need to get to know each other better
  2. An Exec/leadership team who haven’t stopped for the last 2 years in need of some ‘time out’
  3. An Exec/leadership team needing alignment on strategy, purpose and vision
  4. An Exec/leadership team needing to develop soft skills to be better role models
  5. A ‘Team Moment’ – a session/speaker slot at an offsite/event

Examples of our recent work include:


A New Exec Team

A PE owned firm growing via acquisition, now bringing all divisions together under a new CEO. The CEO and several new Exec members from the acquired businesses needed to bond together as one team. A team development coach
was engaged to help build self-awareness, knowledge about each other, trust and collaboration.

Time to Stope, Pause and Reflect

An Essential Services organisation were exhausted by the strains that the pandemic put upon them and the pressures of a potential merger. The ExCo had worked together for many years, knew each other well but hadn’t had a moment to stop, pause and reflect on how they were doing, what they needed to keep going, and what the future looked like.

A ‘Team Moment’

A global HR leadership team hadn’t seen each other in person since before the pandemic hit. Tensions were building, especially around the changing organisation structure and how best to serve the business. They were also under huge pressure, expected to contribute to a large number of projects each year.

Our Approach

A good briefing is essential – we are keen to understand where the team is currently and to use our team relationships/clear strategy framework to lead that discussion. We like to start with a diagnostic; formats vary. We can use our own proprietary diagnostics, a psychometric or speak to each individual. We become your thinking partner, challenging any preconceptions, exploring what’s possible and shaping what’s needed. We run the session, offsite or event and then consolidate our feedback to present back to you. This includes our observations, what you should be proud of, what concerns us and what we think you should do next.

Often relationships at this level last over the course of a few years. Often the group work is accompanied by one-to-one coaching. Often the development path that’s envisaged initially changes, as business priorities change, as we get to know the team and its individuals better. Themes we often work with Exec/Leadership teams on include:

  • change leadership and personal resilience
  • leading virtual and remote teams
  • leading with impact
  • executive presence and EI
  • strategic leadership
  • trust and psychological safety
  • customer focus, ‘outside in’ thinking

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