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Carl Jung described Extroverts as a lighthouse reflecting light outwards to world and Introverts as a lantern radiating a glow inside themselves.

What Extroverts Need to Know about Introverts at work

  • Like quiet for concentration
  • Care about their work and workplace
  • May have trouble communicating
  • May know more than they reveal
  • May seem quiet and aloof
  • Need to be asked for their opinions and ideas (won’t simply supply them)
  • Like to work on long complex problems and have good attention to detail
  • Need to understand exactly why they are doing something
  • Dislike intrusions and interruptions
  • Need to think and reflect before speaking and acting
  • Work alone contentedly
  • May be reluctant to delegate
  • Prefer to stay in office rather than socialise
  • Do not like to draw attention to themselves
  • Work well with little supervision
  • May have trouble remembering names and faces

What Introverts Need to Know about Extroverts at work

  • Network well and socialise with colleagues
  • Keep track of the company grapevine
  • Respond quickly to requests and spring into action without much advance thinking
  • Enjoy talking and see interruptions as a welcome diversion
  • Become impatient or bored when work is slow or repetitive
  • Develop ideas through interaction and discussion
  • Are good at marketing themselves
  • Like to physically move around, prefer to be out and about
  • Speak while they are thinking
  • Have excellent verbal skills, enjoy verbal jousting and ask lots of questions
  • Like to be part of the majority opinion and feel isolated without management support
  • Appreciate and enjoy attention
  • Like other extroverts


Amanda Bolger is an Aziz executive coach who works with introverted leaders to improve their personal impact, address challenges such as imposter syndrome and embrace their strengths.


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