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International Stammering Awareness day is justifiably important for stammerers and those close to them. It can be a really debilitating and confidence sapping condition. At Aziz Corporate it’s fair to say we see very few stammerers these days compared to when we started our business 36 years ago. In fact it must be at least five years since we had a client who had stammering as an issue, possibly thanks to the fact that a number of underlying causes of stammering seem to be less in evidence – causes such as nervousness created by overbearing parents, forcing left-hand children to write with their right hand; it was even said that tickling the soles of a baby’s feet could cause stammering.. Perhaps the trend away from smacking children over the last few decades has had an effect too.

People usually grow out of childhood stammers. For those who are left with a stammer in adulthood, slowing down and breathing correctly is a learned skill and such techniques can be key to overcoming the issue. Then, as we saw with the late British monarch George VI in the film, “The King’s Speech,” even severe stammers can be overcome with dedication, good coaching and plenty of practice, particularly of troublesome words.

So all is not lost. Like most things in life, stammering can be dealt with. Let’s hope we won’t need many more International Stammering Awareness Days in future.