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So “fake news” is the new word (or strictly speaking words) for 2017, according to Collins, the dictionary people. We’ve always been keen to latch onto new words or sayings. Many think it infers so called “coolness” on the part of the user but often it just makes you cringe. A few years back some took to using the single word “bless” as shorthand for “bless him/her” whenever someone wanted to suggest they empathised with someone else’s situation or action. To me it always sounded creepy and condescending.

So it is with fake news. Why does Trump use it when railing against the media. Perhaps it’s because in the inner workings of what passes for his brain there is just a shred of moral decency. What?

Well it goes like this. There are more than adequate words already available when challenging a media assertion you don’t like or agree with. How about “untrue” or even “lies”? But to say something is untrue you leave yourself open to having to prove it so and/or come up with the truth, which, as we know, is where Trump struggles. Deep within his psyche he must be aware that he cannot necessarily disprove what’s being said and because of his personality defect he is pathologically unable to lay himself open to argument, so he reverts to slogans. After all, that’s what got him elected. From “Lock her up” to “Drain the swamp,” slogans work with those unprepared or unable to exercise their own minds to reach their own conclusions..

So we have “fake news”. A better candidate for Collins’ Word of the Year might have been “post truth” for surely that is where we are now thanks to the current Leader of the Free World.

Khalid Aziz